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The History and Significance of Yarra Yering Wines

In the mid-1800s, wine cultivation thrived in Victoria's Yarra Valley, establishing itself as a key export of the burgeoning colony. However, the winemaking industry faced numerous challenges in the 1920s, including economic factors, evolving preferences, and the soaring price of wool. Consequently, the wineries of the Yarra Valley ceased their operations.

Yet, amidst the obstacles, a visionary emerged in 1969 to reignite winemaking in the Yarra Valley. Dr Bailey Carrodus, an exceptionally qualified vigneron, took on this task. After completing his horticulture degree at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, Dr Carrodus worked as a scientific consultant for the New Zealand Department of Agriculture.

Driven by his passion for winemaking, he pursued a second degree in the craft at Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia. Dr Carrodus not only excelled as a student but also shared his knowledge as a teacher at the same institution. In 1965, he furthered his academic achievements by earning a Doctor of Philosophy in plant physiology from Queens College, Oxford University. The residential college at Queens now proudly bears the name "Carrodus Quad" in his honour.

Exploring Old-World Inspirations

During his time at Oxford, Dr Carrodus encountered wines that epitomized elegance and sophistication. Inspired by these Old-World treasures, he embarked on a comprehensive study tour of renowned vineyards and wineries across France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and newfound inspiration, he sought to establish a vineyard in Victoria's Yarra Valley, where he could produce wines in the style he had grown to love.

Upon returning to Australia, Dr Carrodus joined Melbourne University and dedicated himself to finding the perfect vineyard site. His quest eventually led him to the Yarra Valley, where he embarked on numerous field trips with his botany students, meticulously studying the region's flora, topography, and soils. Finally, he discovered an idyllic plot at the foot of the Warramate Hills and began the process of planting in 1969.

A Vineyard Born: Yarra Yering

The site Dr Carrodus selected possessed a gentle slope with a northerly aspect and deep grey silty loam soil interwoven with bands of gravel. These characteristics fulfilled his requirements, ensuring excellent drainage, abundant sunlight exposure throughout the day, and sufficient elevation to safeguard against spring frosts. He christened his vineyard Yarra Yering, and in 1973, he proudly produced his inaugural vintage.

The first vintage included Dry Red Wine No.1, a Bordeaux-inspired blend, and Dry Red Wine No.2, a homage to the northern Rhone style. With the birth of Yarra Yering, the vineyard quickly gained international recognition for its commitment to quality and individuality. For the next 35 years, Dr Carrodus skillfully crafted wines that garnered critical acclaim and commercial success, firmly establishing Yarra Yering among the top wineries in the Yarra Valley.

A Continuation of Excellence

In September 2008, Dr Carrodus passed away at his home, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. The vineyard, holding immense value for passionate Yarra Yering enthusiasts, was subsequently acquired by two dedicated businessmen. They carried forward the vineyard's iconic tradition, upholding the same philosophy that had guided Dr Carrodus throughout his illustrious tenure.

Today, Yarra Yering remains a beacon of excellence in the Yarra Valley winemaking scene. Continuing the proud heritage, current winemaker Sarah Crowe, recently named James Halliday's 2017 Winemaker of the Year, devotes herself to giving individual blocks and varieties the time and attention they deserve. With her unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality wines, Yarra Yering carries on its storied journey of producing exceptional and revered wines.

Experience the Legacy of Yarra Yering

At The Reserve Cellar, we invite you to explore the exceptional wines crafted by Yarra Yering. Delve into a world of rich history, unmatched expertise, and the uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

Experience the legacy firsthand by indulging in the extraordinary wines of Yarra Yering today.

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