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The History and Significance of Château Bourgneuf

In the heart of the prestigious Pomerol appellation, lies Château Bourgneuf, a remarkable estate that spans 9 hectares in a single holding. Since 1840, the Vayron family has been the proud custodian of Bourgneuf, passing down their love for the land and its rich history through eight generations.

Xavier and Dominique Vayron

Xavier and Dominique Vayron, the current stewards of Château Bourgneuf, consider themselves fortunate to have inherited this jewel of Pomerol in the 1970s. Over the course of 40 years, they have devoted their utmost care, vigilance, and attention to nurturing "a juice that is the purest and most powerful" from this cherished and cultivated earth. Seeking the essence of this wine, which beautifully reflects the encounter between the terroir and its personality, is a quest for creation.

Frédérique Vayron

Since 2008, Frédérique Vayron has joined her parents in crafting the vintages of Château Bourgneuf, ensuring a continuation of the family's winemaking legacy. Working together, they share a commitment to quality and a deep respect for the identity of this exceptional place. Their collaboration fosters a constant exchange between their collective experience and Frédérique's personal and contemporary approach to winemaking. In 2019, Château Bourgneuf received the High Environmental Value 3 (HVE3) certification, a testament to their dedication to environmentally sustainable practices.

The Terroir and Vineyard

The Château Bourgneuf vineyard, adjacent to Trotanoy, is nestled on the slopes of the Pomerol plateau. Its strategic location maximizes exposure to sunlight, while the unique composition of the soil plays a crucial role in the wine's quality. Although the slopes are gentle, Bourgneuf's vineyard can be regarded as situated on a South-East/North-West axis.

The vineyard features three distinct soil types. The upper portion consists of pure clay, yielding grapes that are exceptionally rich, dense, and possess remarkable phenolic qualities. As one descends the slope, the soil transitions from clayey sand to sandy clay on the intermediate portion, producing grapes of complexity, delicacy, and elegance. Finally, the lower portion boasts gravelly soils of exceptional quality, perfectly suited for crafting grapes with strong oenological potential.

This blend of gravel on clay and pure clay imparts complexity, finesse, and strength to the wines of Château Bourgneuf. The vineyard is predominantly planted with 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc. Merlot thrives in the Pomerol soils, finding the ideal conditions for its fullest expression.

Vineyard Management and Winemaking

At Château Bourgneuf, meticulous care is dedicated to vineyard management and soil cultivation, including plowing and harrowing. In 2007, comprehensive pedological pit analyses were conducted across the entire estate to gain a deeper understanding of the subsoils and the behaviour of the vine roots.

The entire green harvesting process is performed by hand, allowing for precise adaptation to the unique climatic conditions and specific characteristics of each vintage. Harvesting is carried out manually, parcel by parcel, ensuring the grapes reach optimal maturity, thus preserving the brilliance of the fruit. Following a meticulous sorting selection upon reception, the grapes undergo a gentle crushing process.

The vinification takes place in temperature-controlled cement vats. Alcoholic fermentation is gradually carried out with manual pumping over, tailored to each vintage to preserve the fruity, fresh, and concentrated qualities of the Merlot. The wine then ages in French oak barrels, with 35% new oak and 65% one- and two-year-old barrels, over a period of 12 to 14 months.

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