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Experience the Timeless Legacy of Chateau de Marsannay Wines

Chateau de Marsannay wines embody a rich history and profound significance that captivate wine enthusiasts around the world. With a commitment to organic farming practices, this esteemed estate spans 40 hectares of meticulously nurtured vineyards. Their dedication to environmental sustainability and respect for terroir yields wines of exceptional quality.

A Journey through the Terroirs of Marsannay

Collaborating with the UIVV and the renowned Françoise Vannier Petit, Chateau de Marsannay embarked on a comprehensive study of the six unique terroirs: Marsannay Clos du Roy, Clos de Jeu, Les Favières, Les Echezots, Les Longeroies, and Les Champs Perdrix. This exploration revealed the immense richness and diversity of these Climats, guiding the estate to enhance the harmony between grape varieties and their respective terroirs, ultimately showcased in their exquisite wines.

Preserving the Land amidst the Challenges of Global Warming

In response to the challenges posed by global warming, Chateau de Marsannay employs agricultural practices aimed at preserving and nurturing the soils. Organic compost sourced locally, green manure seedlings, and the planting of trees to foster biodiversity all contribute to soil conservation. Additionally, the estate embraces traditional plowing methods using horses, minimizing soil compaction.

The Artistry of Their Winegrowers

Every gesture made by their skilled winegrowers is meticulously tailored to maintain the vine's vitality throughout its growth cycle. Chateau de Marsannay takes pride in being one of the pioneers of the Poussard pruning method, meticulously respecting the sap flow of the vines. Decoctions of plants such as comfrey and nettles replace harmful chemicals. By grinding and incorporating the shoots back into the soil, they reduce pollution while enriching soil humus. Collaborating with esteemed research institutions, such as INRAE and the University of Dijon, and being an active member of the Gest (Group of Studies and Monitoring of Terroirs), further demonstrates our unwavering commitment to vineyard sustainability.

A Certified Commitment to Organic Excellence

In 2021, Chateau de Marsannay successfully completed its transition to organic farming, a testament to their dedication to environmental stewardship. The estate is set to obtain the prestigious Ecocert certification in 2022. By embracing organic products and methods, they safeguard the well-being of our workers, protect the environment, and ensure the longevity of our vineyards. Furthermore, this commitment guarantees our discerning consumers the assurance of wines free from residual products.

A Meticulous Harvest for Unparalleled Quality

In the face of a changing climate, they remain resolute in harvesting grapes at optimal ripeness. With the growing challenge of earlier ripening, they undertake the meticulous task of tasting and analyzing berries from each Climat—over 100 plots—in the ten days preceding the harvest. This enables us to closely monitor ripening and avoid over-ripeness, preserving the crucial acidity. Their 40 hectares require the expertise of a hundred pickers, spending twelve days meticulously handpicking the finest grapes. Upon arrival at the cellars, an exacting sorting process ensures only the most pristine berries are retained, protecting the essence of our wines.

A Vinification Process that Unleashes Terroir Expression

The finest Climats from their vineyards are carefully selected and vinified using whole bunches, allowing us to unlock the full potential of their terroirs. With a deliberate approach to vinification lasting two to three weeks, they favour gentle infusion and light pumping over aggressive extraction techniques. This ensures the extraction of superior-quality material and aromas. Once the wines reach optimal maturity, they delicately separate them from the skins to preserve their delicate balance.

Aged to Perfection in an Underground Cellar

Following devatting and an extensive decantation process, their wines find their home in oak barrels within a cellar nestled 10 meters underground. This subterranean sanctuary provides the ideal environment for malolactic fermentation and aging, meticulously maintained at a constant temperature of fifteen degrees. Regular tastings allow us to assess the evolution of each wine during its maturation, determining the precise moment for bottling.

Experience the Legacy of Chateau de Marsannay

Immerse yourself in the timeless legacy of Chateau de Marsannay wines, crafted with unwavering passion and a commitment to excellence. Explore our selection of extraordinary wines at The Reserve Cellar and savour the harmonious marriage of terroir and craftsmanship in every glass.

Indulge in the epitome of French winemaking, as Chateau de Marsannay transports you to the heart of Burgundy's vinicultural heritage.

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