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The History of Patricia Green Wines

In the year 2000, Patricia Green Cellars was founded by Patty Green and Jim Anderson, who decided to embark on a new winemaking venture after leaving a highly successful winery they had built together since 1993. Through a twist of fate, they were presented with a remarkable opportunity to acquire a winery and vineyard in what would later become known as the Ribbon Ridge AVA. This marked the beginning of a profound journey for Patricia Green wines.

The winery was established with a fundamental belief in the potential of Oregon's exceptional vineyards to produce wines of unparalleled excellence. As the years went by and valuable experience was gained, the original vision expanded, and the winery's approach evolved to adapt to the changing times. What initially started as a simple goal of crafting the finest wines gradually grew into something more significant.

The Significance of Patricia Green Wines

Patricia Green Cellars stands out for its remarkable commitment to working with the largest collection of historic Oregon vineyard sites ever assembled under a single winery roof. Since 2012, the winery has taken a deliberate approach to cataloguing and vinifying wines from sites that hold deep relevance to Oregon's Pinot Noir story. This dedication and meticulous curation have resulted in an impressive portfolio, with the winery bottling an astounding thirty-six individual Pinot Noirs in 2021 alone, showcasing the diversified array of top-quality vineyards under their stewardship.

Another key pillar of Patricia Green Cellars' philosophy revolves around minimizing their environmental impact as much as possible. From the farming practices employed in the vineyards to the winery's operations, sustainability is at the forefront. Dry farming is embraced as a core principle, recognizing the critical importance of water conservation, particularly in the water-scarce West Coast region. The winery actively seeks partnerships with organic and sustainably focused farmers, prioritizing local sourcing, utilizing lighter bottles, eliminating decorative capsules, recycling wastewater, harnessing solar power, and undertaking various other initiatives to honour and protect the precious resources that go into their winemaking.

A Nurturing Work Environment

Patricia Green Cellars firmly believes in providing a work environment that upholds respect for all individuals involved. They are committed to ensuring that every member of their team is treated fairly and with dignity. This commitment encompasses a range of essential practices, such as providing living wages for all employees, comprehensive healthcare coverage at no cost to the employees, fair wages for seasonal harvest workers (with no exploitation of interns as free labour), reasonable working hours even during the demanding harvest period, acknowledging and supporting paid time off for mental health and personal matters that arise in employees' lives. The winery strives to foster an atmosphere where people are eager to come to work, feel empowered, and are valued for their contributions.

Join the Legacy of Patricia Green Wines

In 2017, Patty Green passed away, leaving behind a remarkable legacy. The winery continues to honour her memory and the significant role she played in shaping Oregon's winemaking history. Patricia Green Cellars aspires not only to produce exceptional wines but also to be a great company that upholds the highest standards of craftsmanship, environmental responsibility, and a nurturing work environment.

Experience the passion, craftsmanship, and legacy of Patricia Green wines by exploring our collection at The Reserve Cellar.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery and delight in the finest wines that Oregon has to offer.

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