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The Story of Three Elms

Three Elms embodies the beautiful tale of Emily, Laura, and Molly - three sisters whose profound connection is represented by their remarkable wine. It is a testament to their unity as a family and their profound appreciation for the previous generations that paved their way.

A Home Filled with Love

At the core of Three Elms lies an unwavering love for their home. Growing up amidst vineyards, their childhood memories are intertwined with the essence of the wine industry. Sneaking away to steal grapes, riding in tractors alongside their Uncle, and sitting in the winery's cardboard boxes, sketching away or perched on their Pops' lap in the bustling office where he playfully adorned their faces with drawings - these were the formative experiences that shaped their deep bond with winemaking.

Helping their Dad during the bottling process, carefully attaching neck tags to the bottles, cracking eggs with the winemaker, and immersing themselves in the enchanting aroma of the wines to learn - these moments were etched into their souls. Countless school holidays were spent toiling amidst young and old vines, not only earning a little pocket money but also fostering an irreplaceable connection with the vineyards.

A Passion for Exceptional Wine

For the Three Elms sisters, wine is not just an industry; it is their way of life. While only one sister pursued formal study and a career in the field, all three remain intimately involved in the workings of their cherished home. Together, they offer unwavering support and lend their expertise whenever needed, ensuring that the legacy of Three Elms thrives.

With a shared passion for exceptional wine, the sisters revel in the joy of experiencing it together. Whether it's a lively gathering or a quiet evening by the fire, savouring a glass of Three Elms wine is an experience that transcends the ordinary.

A Tribute to Those Who Paved the Way

Three Elms is built on a foundation of respect and gratitude. The sisters honour those who guided and assisted them throughout their journey. They pay homage to the generations before them, who selflessly shared their wisdom, expertise, and unyielding support.

Every bottle of Three Elms wine is a testament to the collective effort and passion of countless individuals who have contributed to their success. It is a symbol of their deep appreciation for the collaborative spirit that defines the wine community.

Join the Three Elms Journey

Experience the captivating story and exquisite flavours of Three Elms wines. Indulge in the rich history and craftsmanship that have made them a revered name in the Australian wine scene. Browse The Reserve Cellar today and embark on a journey of discovery, unity, and exceptional taste.

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