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The History and Significance of Elvio Cogno Wines

In the quaint town of La Morra, amidst bustling tables and hungry customers, the Ristorante dell'Angelo stood as a beacon. It was within these walls that Elvio Cogno, a Novello native born in 1936, nurtured his vision of crafting his own wine. While his family had cultivated vines out of passion for generations, it had never been considered a profession.

The Cogno family's wines, however, transcended the purpose of complementing the restaurant's cuisine. Their excellence distinguished them, elevating their reputation and fame. In the mid-1950s, bolstered by a partner's interest and the increasing prestige of their bottles, Elvio Cogno made the pivotal decision to transition from the restaurant industry to viticulture. Collaborating with the esteemed Marcarini company, renowned for their Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyards in Brunate, located within the municipality of La Morra, Elvio embarked on his new path.

A Journey Towards Excellence

Elvio Cogno's endeavours swiftly shifted towards high-level production, focusing on unleashing the immense potential hidden within the Langhe region's wines. The first Barolo bottled under their name hailed from the outstanding 1961 vintage. Demonstrating remarkable foresight, Elvio Cogno became one of the first to include the vineyard name, Brunate, on the label in 1964. This display of pride and acknowledgment of their product's uniqueness and the terroir from which it originated set them apart.

The Cogno-Marcarini company flourished and solidified its position, emerging as one of the prominent entities in the region with esteemed patrons spanning the globe.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Towards the end of the 1980s, Elvio Cogno felt a yearning for change and redirection. He sensed the time had come to embark on a solo adventure, pursuing the dream of crafting an exceptional Barolo that reflected the experience, care, and attention he had cultivated both as a restaurateur and a producer.

In 1990, with immense sacrifices and unwavering courage, Elvio Cogno purchased Cascina Nuova in Ravera—a sprawling farmhouse nestled below the town of Novello. From the farmyard, one could behold the enchanting view of Novello's castle, bell towers, and, on clear days, the magnificent Alps gracing the horizon.

Working alongside Elvio Cogno, his daughter Nadia and her husband Valter Fissore dedicated themselves to the family's winemaking legacy, further enriching the brand's heritage.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Elvio Cogno wines adhere to a traditional production philosophy, featuring extended fermentations and aging in large barrels. However, their approach to the land is innovative, as they strive to intimately understand the terroir, delving into the intricate relationship between the winemaker, the vines, the land, and the environment. This harmonious interplay of factors allows them to create elegant, captivating, and distinctive wines.

The first Nebbiolo harvest in 1991 marked the birth of Barolo Ravera, a wine that would be released four years later. It was the pioneer in displaying a geographical mention on its label, a regulation that would only be established many years later.

With audacity and visionary intuition, Elvio Cogno proceeded with daring replantings. In 1991, they made a bold choice for Vigna Elena, dedicating the name to the daughter of Nadia and Valter. They opted for the "Rosé" variety of Nebbiolo, renowned for producing more delicate and perfumed wines, albeit less vibrant in colour. Although criticized by many, this gamble ultimately paid off, establishing Vigna Elena as the flagship wine, lauded for its distinct character and allure.

Continuing the Legacy

In 1996, Elvio Cogno entrusted the reins of the company to his son-in-law, Valter Fissore. Following in his father-in-law's footsteps, Valter continued to nurture the vineyards and the land, tirelessly improving grape quality through meticulous and sustainable vineyard management practices.

The company acquired state-of-the-art machinery and completed the renovation of the Cascina Nuova barns. They meticulously reorganized the old vineyards and acquired new plots, including the prestigious Bricco Pernice, an integral part of the Ravera label.

With an impressive lineup of four distinct Barolo labels produced within the Ravera designation—Vigna Elena, Bricco Pernice, Cascina Nuova, and Barolo "Ravera"—Elvio Cogno boasts the largest vineyard area within this sub-area. Over the years, the unique pedoclimatic characteristics and comprehensive terroir studies have set their wines apart, endowing them with unparalleled "territorial peculiarities."

A Testament to Excellence

Today, after two generations of experimentation and experience, Elvio Cogno perseveres in crafting local wines with an unwavering focus on the sustainability of their agricultural practices at every stage of production. They proudly celebrate the term "Ravera," an area that epitomizes winemaking excellence in Novello and the Barolo region.

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