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The History and Significance of Luigi Einaudi Wines

The story of Luigi Einaudi wines is deeply rooted in family history, carrying a legacy of passion, commitment, and love for the land. Luigi Einaudi himself, known for his unwavering dedication, never missed a harvest, even during his time as governor of the Banca d'Italia, Minister, and President, while residing in Rome.

Leading the company after Luigi Einaudi was his second child, Roberto, who was born in Dogliani at the Farmhouse of San Giacomo. During his school days in Turin, he had the privilege of interacting with influential figures of the time, such as Pavese, Bobbio, and Mila. These encounters left a profound impact on his professional growth.

Roberto, a mechanical engineer, embarked on a promising career in the iron and steel industry and co-founded the Techint group alongside Agostino Rocca. Despite his success, his connection with Dogliani remained unbroken. He devoted his energy and commitment to his beloved land, which became a constant point of reference for both the family and the company, serving as the silent engine behind its continuous renewal. Roberto's grandson, Matteo, fondly remembers him as an eternal optimist, endlessly curious and passionate, with an unwavering belief in humanity's potential to accomplish great things.

The Rebirth of Poderi Luigi Einaudi

In the late 1980s, Paola, Roberto's daughter, made a life-changing decision to leave her job in Milan and join her father in managing the Poderi in Dogliani. Together with her lifelong companion, Giorgio Ruffo, she brought tenacity, enthusiasm, and significant investments to revitalize the historic brand. Under Paola's leadership, the company experienced renewed commercial success, while simultaneously elevating the quality of the wines. The wines, carefully crafted by Paola, exuded elegance while retaining the distinctive qualities of the territory.

Paola not only strengthened the foundation of the company but also fostered the development of an exceptional working group, which remains the greatest asset of Poderi Luigi Einaudi to this day. Her deep love for the land and its people was evident as she actively participated in the Dogliani community. According to her son, Matteo, Paola embodied the essence of the family's values, cherishing the countryside and the land with utmost reverence.

Continuing the Legacy

Today, the responsibility of carrying forward the rich heritage of Luigi Einaudi wines rests with Matteo Sardagna, Paola's son. Having received his education at a Steinerian school and graduating in architecture, Matteo's profound connection to the Langhe region was nurtured during his childhood walks through the vineyards with his grandfather, Roberto. This experience instilled in him a love for the land, which eventually grew into an obsession and a deeply-rooted sentiment.

Alongside his passion for the land, Matteo also developed a keen interest in the history of art, particularly in modern and contemporary forms. Drawing from the family's values, passions, and traditions, Matteo embraced the challenge of globalization. He aimed to transform Poderi Luigi Einaudi into a globally recognized brand while preserving its heritage. Through his efforts, Luigi Einaudi wines have garnered acclaim and recognition worldwide.

With each passing generation, the legacy of Luigi Einaudi wines continues to thrive, blending tradition with innovation, and showcasing the unique character of the Dogliani region to wine enthusiasts around the globe.

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