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Discover the Legacy of David Hirsch: A Winemaking Pioneer

David Hirsch, a visionary in the world of winemaking, embarked on a remarkable journey when he acquired the land that would eventually become Hirsch Vineyards in 1978. This once-temperate zone rainforest had undergone a transformation, transitioning from towering redwoods to a humble sheep ranch.

A Vineyard Steeped in History

In 1980, David Hirsch planted his first vines, establishing one of the oldest vineyards on the True Sonoma Coast. The reputation of Hirsch Vineyards swiftly grew, making it a sought-after source for esteemed wineries such as Littorai, Williams Selyem, Kistler, and Failla. These wineries crafted exceptional wines, each bearing the Hirsch designation, from the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes nurtured within this revered vineyard.

A Winery Born from Passion

Driven by a desire to gain profound insights into his farming decisions, David Hirsch made a pivotal choice in 2002. After devoting twenty-two years to planting and cultivating, he resolved to construct a winery and embark on their winemaking journey. David's primary motivation was to taste each parcel individually, unravelling the distinct soil, climate, and vintage characteristics. By becoming intimately acquainted with every facet of his farming decisions, he sought to refine his skills as a discerning farmer.

Embracing Biodynamic Viticulture

In 2011, David Hirsch initiated the conversion of their vineyards to biodynamic viticulture, signalling their unwavering commitment to sustainable and holistic practices. By 2014, all 72 acres of vines, along with the accompanying gardens and orchards, had seamlessly transitioned to fully embrace biodynamic principles. This transformation further solidified Hirsch Vineyards' position as a champion of environmental stewardship and the pursuit of exceptional wine.

The Unique Terroir of Fort Ross-Seaview

Nestled within the confines of the West Sonoma Coast AVA, Hirsch Vineyards is proudly located in the revered Fort Ross-Seaview AVA. Spanning a small expanse, this AVA stands out as a highly specialized and distinctive growing area. The convergence of factors such as close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, generous rainfall averaging 80 inches per year, rugged terrain, and lofty elevations contribute to its unparalleled character. Recognized officially in 2012, this AVA boasts notable plantings dating back to the 1970s, including the venerable Bohan Vineyard, with Hirsch, Hellenthal, and Wild Hog making their mark in the early 1980s. The 1990s witnessed the arrival of Flowers, Marcassin, and Martinelli Blue Slide, followed by Wayfarer and Peter Michael in the 2000s.

Preserving the Legacy: The West Sonoma Coast AVA

Encompassing a vast expanse along the Californian coast, the Sonoma Coast AVA stretches inland for forty miles. To distinguish the truly maritime regions within this AVA, the West Sonoma Coast Vintners Association was established in 2010. This esteemed association endeavours to safeguard the rich history, captivating landscapes, and distinctive culture of the West Sonoma Coast while championing the exceptional wines produced in this region. In a momentous milestone, the West Sonoma Coast AVA received official recognition in 2022, further affirming its status as a beacon of winemaking excellence.

Experience the Essence of David Hirsch Wines

Immerse yourself in the remarkable legacy of David Hirsch and their commitment to crafting exceptional wines from their esteemed vineyards. Explore the exquisite range of David Hirsch wines available at The Reserve Cellar and savour the artistry that has been honed over decades.

Raise a glass and indulge in the essence of David Hirsch wines, a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality and passion for winemaking.

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