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The History and Significance of Kumeu River

The Brajkovich family and Kumeu River Wines have played a pivotal role in the development of the New Zealand wine industry. From its pioneering days to its establishment as a global player, the Brajkovichs have consistently produced world-class wines that have gained international recognition.

Focus on World-Class Chardonnay

The Brajkovichs have made a name for themselves by focusing on and excelling in the production of world-class Chardonnay. Their expertise and dedication to this varietal have earned them international acclaim, making Kumeu River synonymous with exceptional Chardonnay.

Quality Grapes for Quality Wine

Kumeu River Wines encompasses 30 hectares of vineyards, characterized by predominantly clay soils overlying a sandstone base. These unique soil types retain ample water at depth, ensuring deep vine roots remain hydrated even during the summer months. The absence of irrigation in the vineyard is critical to the quality of Kumeu River's grapes.

The vineyards are meticulously trained on a 'Lyre' trellis system, optimizing exposure to sunlight and enhancing grape maturity and quality. A distinguishing factor of Kumeu River's wines is the meticulous hand-harvesting of all grapes. This hands-on approach allows for the removal of sub-standard grapes, resulting in a net yield of exceptionally high-quality grapes.

Growth and Expansion

Just as the Brajkovich family has grown, so has the winery itself. Over the years, the winery has undergone extensions and additions, marking significant milestones and facilitating business adaptation and expansion. Presently, Kumeu River produces approximately 250,000 bottles annually from its 30 hectares of vineyards in Kumeu, complemented by an additional 10 hectares sourced from local growers.

An International Benchmark

The Chardonnay wines of Kumeu River have garnered a strong foothold in the international market, receiving outstanding accolades. The vineyard has established itself as the globally recognized benchmark for non-Burgundy-produced Chardonnay, a testament to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of their wines.

Discover the Excellence of Kumeu River

Experience the rich history and unparalleled quality of Kumeu River wines. Browse our selection of exquisite Chardonnays and discover why they are revered by wine enthusiasts around the world. Unlock a world of exceptional flavours and place your order today.

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