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The Rich History and Significance of Conterno Fantino Wines

The story of Conterno Fantino wines began in 1982 when Claudio Conterno and Guido Fantino came together to establish the winery. Since then, their passion and dedication have propelled them to cultivate 27 hectares of vineyards, producing approximately 140,000 bottles annually. Four exquisite varietals, namely Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and Chardonnay, grace their collection.

As time passed, the Conterno Fantino family expanded with the addition of Alda, Fabio, and Elisa Fantino, each contributing their unique expertise. Noemi and Matteo, set to join them soon, will carry the legacy forward. During peak seasons, the winery employs around 10 individuals, all committed to the craft.

A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Heritage

At Conterno Fantino, environmental sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity are guiding principles in their vineyards. The land is treated with the utmost respect, honouring its heritage. The vineyards are organically cultivated, and certified by CCPB, as part of their ongoing commitment to reduce their environmental impact.

In 2008, the winery expanded, incorporating various technical advancements to conserve energy. Solar panels and a geothermal system were implemented, along with a purpose-built wetland for wastewater purification. These initiatives reflect their dedication to responsible practices.

The Artistry in Crafting Conterno Fantino Wines

Conterno Fantino takes pride in crafting wines that express their unique identity. The winemaking process embodies a meticulous approach, starting with the manual selection of fruit harvested in small crates. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, avoiding the use of commercial yeast, preserves the aromas of the vineyard.

The careful use of wood during the aging process and minimal sulphite usage further enhances the wines' quality. Bottle aging is another crucial step, allowing the wine to evolve gracefully and reveal its true character.

This seemingly intricate journey is the most natural for Conterno Fantino, as they believe their wine is an extension of the land it originates from. Each bottle is nurtured, step by step, as if it were a cherished member of the family.

Experience the Legacy of Conterno Fantino Wines

Immerse yourself in the rich history and remarkable craftsmanship behind Conterno Fantino wines. Discover the depth of flavours, the nuanced aromas, and the unparalleled character that each bottle embodies.

Visit The Reserve Cellar today and unlock the world of Conterno Fantino.

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