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The History and Significance of Moss Wood Wines

Moss Wood, established as a specialist, high-quality winery, has always been driven by its raison d'être, which continues to shape its existence.

Commitment to Quality

Clare and Keith, the visionaries behind Moss Wood, firmly believe that every decision made in the vineyard or winery must be rooted in its impact on the wine's quality. Given Margaret River's relatively short viticultural history as a wine-producing region, winemakers are constantly reevaluating their soil management practices and vine performance to deepen their understanding of the region's viticulture and achieve the finest results in the vineyard.

Inspiration from Bordeaux

Dedicated to crafting distinctive styles for each of their varieties, Moss Wood initially placed its primary focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, its inaugural wine. Drawing inspiration from the renowned wines of Bordeaux, the team meticulously studied the characteristics of numerous wines from the region in search of insights and guidance. Recognizing that Margaret River's unique climate would always lend a distinct touch to their wines, they established the region as the ideal destination for their winemaking aspirations.

Continuous Improvement in Viticulture

At Moss Wood, they firmly uphold the belief that the quality of wine is determined in the vineyard itself. Consequently, viticultural techniques are continually reassessed and refined based on current research, both from their own investigations and the findings of others. This commitment has led to trials, and advancements in trellising systems, soil conservation practices, and pruning techniques, ensuring that Moss Wood wines consistently reach new heights.

Experience the Excellence of Moss Wood Wines

Explore the extraordinary range of Moss Wood wines at The Reserve Cellar and indulge in the finest expressions of Margaret River's viticultural prowess. With each bottle, you embark on a journey steeped in history, dedication to quality, and the artistry of winemaking.

Discover the allure of Moss Wood wines today.

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