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Capturing Freshness: Chardonnay's Journey

Upon arrival at the winery, the Chardonnay grapes embark on a meticulous journey. They gracefully glide along a conveyor belt, making their way to the press. To capture the essence of fresh fruit character, whole clusters are gently compressed, minimizing any potential bitterness from the skins, seeds, or stems.

Fermented in oak, our Chardonnay undergoes a laborious process. Hand stirring the lees, or yeast deposits, twice a month creates a luscious texture on the palate, enhancing the wine's overall richness.

Precision in Crafting Pinot Noir

The journey of our Pinot Noir grapes begins with an intricate sorting process at the winery. Each cluster is carefully examined by hand, eliminating any green or overripe grapes, along with unwanted stems, leaves, or other extraneous material. The selected clusters gracefully move along a conveyor belt to a de-stemmer, expertly separating the grapes from their stems.

After destemming, the Pinot Noir undergoes a "cold soak." This unique resting period in chilled tanks for three to five days allows the clear grape juice to steep in the deep purple grape skins, resulting in magnificent, luminous colour and capturing layers of exquisite aromatics.

The Essence of Pinot Gris

Grown in Monterey, a region known for its lengthy and cool growing season, their Pinot Gris grapes flourish, developing juicy, complex flavours and a pronounced minerality.

At the winery, the grapes are gently pressed without undergoing de-stemming. This delicate approach allows the wine to be fermented in 100% stainless steel, ensuring the vibrant fruit flavours are beautifully preserved.

The Art of Oak Aging

Barrels hold the power to influence a wine's flavour, aroma, and mouthfeel. For their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, they predominantly utilize French oak barrels. Through the winery's partnership with a stave mill in France, they maintain unparalleled control over the quality of our oak.

Aging wines in oak imparts delightful characteristics, such as the warm, comforting flavours and aromas of baking spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Additionally, the sweet, enticing notes of vanilla bean emerge, complementing the wine's profile. Oak also adds a touch of tannin and contributes to a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel.

A Commitment to Gentle Handling

La Crema's philosophy of gentle handling extends beyond winemaking techniques; it encompasses stewardship of natural resources. Whether in their vineyards or within their winery, they make decisions that prioritize the long-term sustainability of our environment and ensure the continuity of the craft.

Experience the Elegance of La Crema Wines

Indulge in the artistry and passion behind La Crema wines. Discover the refined flavours and exceptional craftsmanship that have made La Crema a renowned name in the world of wine. Shop our collection at The Reserve Cellar and experience elegance for yourself.

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