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The Legacy of Bodegas Roda: Pioneering the Future of Winemaking

In the late 1980s, the vine and wine sector witnessed a remarkable transformation as a new generation emerged. With a resolute vision to revolutionize the world of winemaking, Carmen Daurella and Mario Rotllant arrived in La Rioja, Spain. Thus began an extraordinary and unprecedented journey: the birth of Bodegas Roda.

A Historic Location and a Testament to Tradition

Perched on the banks of the Ebro River, in the enchanting Railway Station District (Barrio de la Estación) of Haro, La Rioja, Bodegas Roda finds its home. The winery is nestled within a 19th-century "calado," a space traditionally used by vine growers to store their harvests. These carefully preserved grapes would then embark on a train journey to Bordeaux, mitigating the devastating effects of phylloxera.

A Journey of Growth and Adaptation

Established in 1987, Bodegas Roda has continually evolved its facilities to meet the demands of the times and embrace progress. Over the years, the winery has undergone four phases of structural expansion, executed in 1991, 1996, 2000, and most recently, in 2018. Each phase has been meticulously designed to address the specific challenges of its era. The latest expansion, completed in 2018, was driven by an unwavering commitment to energy efficiency and the utilization of renewable energies.

Precision-Crafted Facilities for RODA Wines

The facilities of Bodegas Roda have been custom-tailored to the unique requirements of crafting RODA wines. With each expansion phase, the winery has adeptly adjusted the number of vats to accommodate the selected vineyards for each vintage. Notably, an exceptional bioclimatic room stands as a testament to Bodegas Roda's unwavering commitment to innovation. Furthermore, two aging rooms have been meticulously carved into the bedrock, imbuing the wines with a distinctive character.

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