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The History and Significance of Amato Vino Wines

Amato Vino wines hold a special place in the heart of the Margaret River wine region in Western Australia. As small-batch artisan winemakers, they have established themselves as pioneers of unique winemaking philosophy.

A Lo-Fi Winemaking Philosophy

At Amato Vino, the winemaking philosophy can be summed up in two words: 'lo-fi'. This approach embraces the raw and natural elements of winemaking, resulting in truly authentic wines. They believe in minimal interference and let the grapes speak for themselves. Wild ferments, minimal adjustments in the winery, and gentle handling are the cornerstones of their process. Most importantly, their wines are unfined and unfiltered, showcasing the purest expression of the grape.

A Hands-On, Traditional Approach

Amato Vino takes a hands-on approach to winemaking. They are dedicated to the grunt work, providing the care and guidance necessary to produce exceptional wines. However, they also maintain a hands-off approach when it comes to the science of winemaking. By using minimal inputs and employing traditional processes, they create wines that pay homage to the past while embracing creativity and adventure.

Founded by Brad Wehr in 2003

The story of Amato Vino began in 2003 when owner and winemaker Brad Wehr established the winery. Since then, the labels and wine styles have flourished, expanding beyond the boundaries of traditional Margaret River varietals. While they still craft exquisite examples of the region's classics, they have also ventured into the realm of eclectic and unusual grape varieties, as well as innovative winemaking methods.

Partnering with Like-Minded Growers

Amato Vino's winery is located just a few minutes southwest of the Margaret River township, allowing them to be close to the vineyards that shape their wines. They have built strong relationships with a core group of independent growers who share their philosophy. Together, they employ organic and sustainable farming practices, ensuring the highest quality grapes are harvested.

Experience the Extraordinary with Amato Vino Wines

The Reserve Cellar proudly presents Amato Vino wines, a testament to the rich history and unwavering dedication of their winemakers. Discover the allure of their lo-fi winemaking philosophy and the extraordinary flavours that await. Explore their diverse range of traditional and innovative wines, each bottle telling a unique story. Experience the essence of Margaret River and the unparalleled craftsmanship of Amato Vino.

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