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The History and Significance of Weingut Christmann

Weingut Christmann is blessed to cultivate vines in one of the world's rare landscapes that produce exceptional, dry Riesling and Burgundy wines. With a focus on preserving tradition and showcasing the unique characteristics of their vineyards, Weingut Christmann has been dedicated to crafting top-quality wines that reflect their origin.

The Tradition of Authentic Winemaking

In the cellar, Weingut Christmann believes in the principle of "less is more" to create truly authentic wines. Rather than blindly following every passing wine trend, their goal is to produce wines deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition of excellence. Riesling, the DNA of Mittelhaardt and the Christmann family, holds a special place in their winemaking philosophy. No other grape variety is as closely intertwined with the Palatinate's destiny.

Every step in the winemaking process is carefully executed, emphasizing a gentle approach. Hand-picking, slow pressing, spontaneous fermentation, aging in wooden barrels, and meticulous manual work contribute to the foundation of their wines. In recent years, Weingut Christmann has also embraced a more puristic and spicy style, deviating from strict pre-clarification practices. This change has resulted in warmer fermentations with increased turbidity, yielding Rieslings of exceptional character.

Rediscovering Pinot Noir

Alongside Riesling, Pinot Noir has experienced a resurgence in importance at Weingut Christmann. The eighth generation, led by Sophie, joined the estate in 2018. Inspired by the magnificent Pinot Noirs of Burgundy, Sophie's passion lies in elevating their Pinot Noir to new heights. Employing techniques such as cold maceration, fermentation with 20-30% whole grapes, gentle pressing, and early intervention, they craft elegant, long-lasting Pinot Noirs brimming with delightful cherry flavours.

Weingut Christmann's Pinot Noir success story is facilitated by their vineyards, characterized by marl limestone reminiscent of the soils found in Burgundy. In recent years, they have acquired both old and young Pinot Noir selections directly from Burgundy, augmenting their range of possibilities. With Sophie's knowledge acquired from experiences in France and Baden, a new chapter has been unveiled, infusing their estate with an extraordinary dimension.

Experience the Extraordinary

Discover the rich history and significance of Weingut Christmann through their exceptional wines. Visit The Reserve Cellar today and explore a curated selection of Weingut Christmann's remarkable Rieslings and captivating Pinot Noirs. Immerse yourself in the legacy of this esteemed winery and experience the taste of tradition, innovation, and terroir.

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