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The Legacy of Domaine Christian Moreau

In 1814, Jean-Joseph Moreau, a skilled barrel maker from Montbard, embarked on a journey that would shape the future of Chablis. He founded the esteemed wine merchant company, J. Moreau et Fils, marking the beginning of a remarkable legacy. Over time, the Moreau family acquired prestigious parcels of Premier and Grands Crus, including the renowned Clos des Hospices, purchased from the Hospices of Chablis in 1904. This exceptional parcel has since been vinified separately, a testament to the family's commitment to producing exceptional wines.

Passing the Torch: A New Generation

In 1972, Christian Moreau returned to Chablis with his wife, Christine, and their two sons, Philippe and Patrick (followed by the birth of Fabien two years later). Having spent 11 years in Canada, Christian immersed himself in the art of winemaking under the guidance of his father, Guy Moreau.

In 1974, a pivotal moment arrived as the family entered into a 50% partnership with the Canadian group Hiram Walker. Eventually, they transferred their shares entirely to the group in 1985 for the wine merchant side of their operations.

In 1998, the J. Moreau et Fils wine merchant business was definitively sold to Boisset from Nuits Saint Georges. However, the family retained ownership of the vineyards, and in 2002, they recommenced vinifying and marketing their wines under a new banner.

The Birth of Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils

In 2001, the "new" Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils was born, marking a fresh chapter in the family's winemaking journey. Fabien Moreau, Christian's son, assumed the helm of the Domaine and led its direction. In the same year, the Domaine saw its inaugural vintage with Fabien at the helm.

Embracing Organic Agriculture

From 2004 to 2008, Fabien Moreau embarked on a gradual shift away from weed killers and pesticides, initiating the conversion of the estate to Organic Agriculture. Through this transformative process, the Domaine's practices evolved, prioritizing environmental sustainability and the expression of their unique terroir.

In 2010, the Domaine officially commenced a three-year conversion to Organic Agriculture under the guidance of Ecocert.

By 2013, Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils proudly released their first official vintage labelled with the Organic Agriculture distinction, solidifying their commitment to crafting wines that embrace nature's harmony.

A Global Reach

Since then, Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils has maintained an unwavering focus on their exceptional parcels, striving to produce wines of unrivalled purity and excellence. Their wines have found homes in numerous regions across France and have captivated the palates of enthusiasts in 44 different countries.

Christian Moreau: An Everlasting Passion

Christian Moreau, the founder of Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils, reflects on the remarkable journey that unfolded. In 2001, he passed the keys of the domaine to his son, Fabien, who returned from New Zealand. Christian entrusted Fabien with the task of crafting wines that would honour the esteemed terroir of Chablis, all while staying true to their family's legacy.

Years later, Fabien made a bold decision to transition the vineyard to Organic Agriculture. With the support of the domaine's team, they accomplished the monumental task of converting all 11.8 hectares, certified by Ecocert in 2013. Christian is immensely proud of Fabien's achievements and now happily dedicates his time, even in retirement, to representing Fabien and his exceptional wines worldwide, while also tending to the needs of customers visiting the Domaine in Chablis.

Fabien Moreau: A Journey of Excellence

Fabien Moreau, the sixth generation of his family dedicated to winemaking, embraces the challenges that come with carrying forward such a prestigious heritage. By leveraging the extraordinary quality of the vineyards passed down through generations, Fabien and his father embarked on a remarkable journey since the first vintage of 2002.

With unwavering dedication, Fabien and the Domaine's team have steadily increased the quality and typicity of their wines, all while respecting the individuals, and the environment, and remaining humble. Fabien echoes his father's sentiment that "Chablis is unique," and their mission is to showcase its distinctive character to the world.

Experience the exceptional wines of Domaine Christian Moreau Père et Fils and embark on a journey of taste, tradition, and Chablis's remarkable terroir.

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