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The Legacy of Domaine Schlumberger

Domaine Schlumberger has a rich history rooted in tradition and a deep appreciation for the craft of winemaking. From the early days, the estate has upheld the use of horses in plowing the land, a practice that has endured through generations. The stable proudly houses two Comtoise horses known for their calm demeanour and exceptional strength, making them ideal for working on the steep terraces of the estate. These noble animals diligently prepare the soil for each replanted plot, ensuring the vineyard's continued success.

Ancestral Dry Stone Walls

The vineyard of Domaine Schlumberger is organized in terraces, carefully supported by an extensive network of dry stone walls made of Vosges sandstone. These walls, spanning a remarkable 50 kilometres, serve not only as a practical solution to reduce natural erosion but also as a testament to the estate's commitment to preserving wine-growing landscapes. Constructed using the ancient Roman technique known as opus incertum, these works of art require meticulous maintenance by a team of highly skilled masons. Each stone is carefully selected and fitted to ensure the walls' longevity and their ability to mitigate erosion, an integral part of the estate's heritage.

A Vigneron de Montagne

Domaine Schlumberger has earned its esteemed reputation as a "Vigneron de Montagne" (Mountain Winemaker) due to the scale and magnificence of the dry stone walls that shape its vineyards. These walls collectively represent a volume twice that of the Strasbourg Cathedral, serving as a testament to the estate's commitment to preserving its unique terroir. Nestled on the vertiginous slopes of Guebwiller, in southern Alsace, the vineyard features awe-inspiring 50° slopes and an altitude ranging from 250 to 390 meters. This exceptional location grants the vineyard triple exposure to the sun, optimizing grape ripening. Guebwiller proudly claims four Grands Crus, a distinction unmatched in the region, and 70 hectares of the estate's vineyard are dedicated to these extraordinary terroirs.

The Essence of Grands Crus

The wines produced from the Grands Crus vineyards at Domaine Schlumberger embody the timeless essence of the land. These vineyards benefit from the sandstone of the Vosges, offering nuanced expressions within mere meters of variation. The "ALSACE GRAND CRU" appellation unites the 51 finest terroirs in Alsace, selected by the esteemed National Institute of Appellations of Origin (INAO). This classification, akin to the rigorous standards of Burgundy, considers factors such as geology, exposure, and microclimate. In 1983, the first 25 Grands Crus were designated, including the four exceptional sites found in Guebwiller. In 1992, an additional 25 Grands Crus were recognized. Domaine Schlumberger, with 50% of its vineyard area devoted to Grands Crus, proudly showcases the remarkable qualities of its exceptional terroirs.

Explore the exquisite wines of Domaine Schlumberger and experience the centuries-old traditions and remarkable terroirs firsthand. Discover the true essence of Alsace in every bottle.

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