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The Unique Identity of Clos St Jean Wines

Within the vast expanse of plots, Clos Saint-Jean wines stand apart with their distinct identity, characterized by their climate, grape varieties, and soils.

A Testament to Care and Expertise

Each bottle of Clos St Jean wine reflects the meticulous care bestowed upon the grapes and the expertise of the Maurel family. Through an artful blending process, they bring forth vintages that showcase the true essence of the grapes with unwavering quality and precision.

Acclaimed by the Late Philippe Cambie

The late Philippe Cambie, a cherished friend and esteemed oenologist of Clos Saint-Jean hailed these wines as "powerful and deep, yet maintaining an unparalleled purity and balance." His endorsement speaks volumes about the exceptional character and calibre of Clos St Jean wines.

Elegance and Depth in Every Sip

Clos St Jean wines embody elegance and allure, with their vibrant colours and silky textures. They possess a captivating dichotomy: smooth on the outside, enticing the senses, while harbouring a rich depth within, akin to the density of a billiard ball.

Discover the remarkable heritage and unparalleled craftsmanship of Clos St Jean wines at The Reserve Cellar. Elevate your wine experience with each sip and immerse yourself in the symphony of flavours offered by these remarkable vintages.

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