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Discovering a Timeless Terroir

The Farr estate is situated in the Moorabool Valley, nestled between Geelong and Ballarat, 100km southwest of Melbourne, Australia. Over 200 years ago, Swiss settlers planted the first vineyards in Victoria's history in this region. Today, the estate thrives on the rich volcanic soil and continental climate, producing premium grapes with unique flavours, aromas, and colours that reflect the essence of our surroundings.

A Visionary Journey

In 1994, Gary and Robyn Farr acquired the original property, followed by the second section in 1998. The latter had remained untouched for almost four decades, overgrown with dense boxthorn and noxious weeds. In 2011, Nick and Cassie Farr completed the puzzle by purchasing the final piece of land that connected the two blocks. With a total of 130 acres, including 36 acres of vineyards and the remainder dedicated to grazing and cropping for cattle and horses, our estate harmoniously nurtures a variety of grape clones and rootstocks. The grape varieties here include Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Shiraz.

A Tale of Two Generations

Standing side by side, Nick and Gary Farr embody a captivating blend of unity and divergence. Each generation has developed a distinctive winemaking style based on their individual experiences and tastes. Their respective wine lines, By Farr by Gary and Farr Rising by Nick, have garnered critical acclaim not only in Australia but also internationally.

Gary Farr - The Master Craftsman

Hailing from the Moorabool Valley since 1978, Gary Farr has become an icon of the region. His unwavering commitment to winemaking perfection remains steadfast amidst the ever-changing landscape. Gary's hands-on experience as a winemaker spans renowned vineyards such as Domain Dujac in Burgundy, Cristom in Oregon, and Calera in California. These journeys kindled his deep appreciation for the beauty of Shiraz and Viognier and the techniques employed in crafting wines that truly express their terroir. To this day, he continues his pilgrimages to Domain Dujac, fueling his passion for the art of creating exceptional wines.

Nick Farr - A New Chapter Unfolds

While embracing his father's influence, Nick Farr has forged his own path in winemaking and viticultural practices, enriched by his extensive personal experience. Growing up, Nick worked alongside his father on the family estate and later expanded his knowledge during his time at Rosemount in the Hunter Valley. He continued to refine his craft with his father and at Innisfail Vineyards in the Bannockburn area, where he launched his label, Farr Rising. Nick's global journey took him to vineyards such as Cristom in Oregon, Au Bon Climate in California, and Domain Dujac in Burgundy, exposing him to diverse winemaking philosophies and solidifying his expertise in both traditional and contemporary techniques.

Commitment to Excellence

The legacy of By Farr continues to flourish as Nick Farr, with his boundless enthusiasm and passion, carries the torch forward. The wines produced under the By Farr label are not mere commodities; they are profound expressions of our vineyard, our land, and our preferences. With an unwavering dedication to quality, we promise to deliver wines that captivate your senses and embody the true essence of our terroir.

Experience the Extraordinary

Indulge in the exceptional wines crafted by By Farr and discover a world of flavour and sophistication. Explore our selection at The Reserve Cellar and elevate your wine experience today.

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