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Founding Years: A Promise of Greatness

In 1988, Penny's Hill emerged on the picturesque rolling foothills east of McLaren Vale, Australia. The founders were captivated by the 32-hectare (80-acre) grazing property, strategically located in a coveted piedmont position that offered breathtaking views of the Gulf St. Vincent. It was clear from the beginning that this land possessed all the essential elements for an extraordinary vineyard.

Penny's Hill Vineyard: Cultivating Excellence

The property derived its name from the prominent hill that stood at its base. In 1991, Penny's Hill Vineyard was born with the planting of vines. Notably, the vineyard was meticulously designed using a narrow-row configuration, a distinctive approach aimed at optimizing vineyard productivity as well as grape and wine quality.

A Growing Legacy: Expanding the Vineyard

Building upon the success of the initial vineyard, Penny's Hill continued to acquire more land for viticulture. In 1993, the adjacent Malpas Road property became part of their portfolio. This expansion was further enhanced in 1996 with the purchase of a highly esteemed hay-producing paddock, which was promptly transformed into vineyards under the name of Goss Corner.

Preserving Heritage: Reuniting the Land

Recognizing the historical significance, Penny's Hill sought to restore the original integrity of the estate. In 1998, they acquired the cherished Goss family homestead, 'Ingleburne,' merging it with the Malpas and Goss properties. This reunion marked a meaningful reconnection, reestablishing the once-integral entirety of the land.

A New Chapter: Continuing the Tradition

With the passing of time, ownership and management of Penny's Hill have transitioned from founder Tony Parkinson to Warren Randall, a close friend and esteemed winemaker from South Australia. Warren Randall, now part of the renowned Randall Wine Group, carries the torch of Penny's Hill, upholding its heritage and commitment to producing exceptional wines.

Experience the Essence of Penny's Hill

Visit The Reserve Cellar today and explore our handpicked selection of Penny's Hill wines. Immerse yourself in the rich history and extraordinary flavours that define the legacy of this esteemed Australian vineyard.

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