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The History and Significance of Lowestoft

The Fogarty family, whose roots trace back to Ireland, has a rich history that spans six generations. In the mid-1800s, the first member of the Fogarty family immigrated from Ireland to Tasmania. Fast forward to the present day, and the Fogarty family has come full circle, returning to their Tasmanian heritage. They have acquired the historic Lowestoft homestead and its adjacent vineyard near Hobart. Situated on the banks of the Derwent River, the estate offers breathtaking views of David Walsh's Mona Museum, Moorilla Winery, and Lowestoft Bay.

Discovering Lowestoft's Origins

Lowestoft, constructed around 1850, stands on land originally acquired by Thomas Lowes in 1830. Lowes, a free settler from England, arrived in Hobart aboard the Thalia in 1823. Initially planning to establish the region's first distillery, he found that others had beaten him to the punch. Nevertheless, he later built a distillery and malt house and went on to become a prominent figure in politics, banking, horse racing, and cricket. The Lowestoft homestead became a hub for entertainment and grand events, hosting gatherings of significance.

The Vineyards of Lowestoft

Thomas Lowes was one of the pioneering individuals to plant vines in or near Hobart. His efforts bore fruit in 1848 when he won the prestigious first prize at the Hobart Horticultural Society Show for two wines produced near Lowestoft. However, in the late 1800s, most vineyards in Tasmania were uprooted due to the prevailing belief that the region's conditions were too cold for wine grape production. Additionally, many vineyard workers left Tasmania to seek their fortunes in the Victorian gold rush.

It wasn't until the mid-1950s that Claudio Alcorso revitalized the Tasmanian wine industry in the south by planting 90 Riesling vines obtained from David Wynn in South Australia. Later, in 1976, Alcorso and the Pirie brothers planted the first Pinot Noir. The stage was set for a resurgence.

Lowestoft's Revival

In 1986, Bernard McKay, the owner of Lowestoft at that time, received a request to plant vines and supply grapes to Alcorso's Moorilla Winery, which was located across from Lowestoft on the current Mona site. McKay dedicated three hectares to Pinot Noir sourced from Moorilla cuttings. When Moorilla changed ownership, viticulturist Fred Peacock began procuring some of the Lowestoft grapes for his Bream Creek Reserve Pinot Noir, while the remaining harvest was sold to Treasury Wines and other buyers.

A New Chapter: The Fogarty Family Acquires Lowestoft

In January 2019, Fogarty Family Wines successfully acquired Lowestoft from Bernard McKay. The negotiation process began in 2017, and after two years, the Fogarty family became the proud owners of this remarkable property. Situated in the Derwent Valley subregion, just 15 minutes northwest of Hobart, Lowestoft benefits from a low rainfall of 400–500mm and cool temperatures that facilitate a long and even ripening process, resulting in exceptional fruit quality.

The Lowestoft Brand: A Tribute to History

The name "Lowestoft" was carefully chosen to represent our luxury Tasmanian wines. It pays homage to Thomas Lowes, the original owner of the homestead, who named it "Lowestoft," as well as the captivating Lowestoft Bay, visible from the property. To further honour our heritage, the brand features a crest derived from the Fogarty family's ancestral crest, which has its roots in early Irish history and the reign of the Kings of Ireland. It serves as a tribute to our first ancestor to arrive in Australia, Patrick John Fogarty, who was laid to rest in Strahan, Tasmania.

Experience the Legacy of Lowestoft

At The Reserve Cellar, we invite you to embark on a journey into the rich history and significance of Lowestoft. Explore our exquisite range of luxury Tasmanian wines, carefully crafted to embody the spirit of this remarkable estate. Discover the timeless elegance and exceptional quality that Lowestoft wines have to offer. Indulge in the flavours and heritage of Tasmania with every sip. Shop now and experience the legacy of Lowestoft at The Reserve Cellar.

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