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The History and Significance of Champagne Palmer & Co Wines

Champagne Palmer & Co wines have a rich history deeply rooted in the prestigious terroirs of the Montagne de Reims. All their vineyards are classified as Premier or Grand Cru, setting them apart in excellence and distinction.

The Mosaic of Grands Terroirs

Palmer & Co sources grapes from various renowned regions, including the Côte de Sézanne area, the Côte des Bar, and the Marne Valley. These diverse terroirs contribute to the blending process, ensuring that the wines embody the elegance and balance characteristic of the iconic Palmer & Co style.

Commitment to Sustainable Winegrowing

Champagne Palmer & Co takes its responsibility to the environment and grape integrity seriously. They are heavily invested in sustainable winegrowing practices, implementing an exhaustive and demanding action plan. This encompasses soil and vine nutrition, soil maintenance, vine treatment, sustainable vineyard protection, and waste management.

Their dedicated technicians work closely with the winegrowers, offering guidance and support in selecting practices that prioritize respect for both humans and the environment involved in the winegrowing process.

Blending Nature and Craftsmanship

Xavier Berdin, the Cellar Master, highlights the symbiotic relationship between nature and human expertise in creating Palmer & Co cuvées. The blending process involves meticulously combining different grape varieties, crus, and reserve wines to achieve the perfect balance that defines their wines.

The Guardians of the Palmer & Co Style

The Cellar Master and the four oenologists stand as steadfast guardians of the Palmer & Co style. Their unwavering dedication ensures the preservation of the brand's heritage and quality across the wines of the past, present, and future.

The reserve wines, carefully selected for their structure and aging potential, form the backbone of Palmer & Co's non-vintage cuvées. These reserve wines contribute richness and depth, guaranteeing the consistency of the Palmer & Co style.

The Solera Technique: A Unique Adaptation

Palmer & Co stands out as one of the few Champagne houses that have embraced the renowned winemaking technique developed in Jerez, Spain, and adapted it to the Champagne region. They employ the Solera (or perpetual reserve) system, a technique that undergoes annual refreshments with wines from the latest harvest.

For over 35 years, Palmer & Co has utilized three Soleras in two stages, with the first stage occurring in oak casks to prepare the new vintage. These wines are then integrated into the perpetual reserve housed in stainless steel vats.

Xavier Berdin explains the significance of this process, stating, "It's an everlasting blend, the old wine 'educating' the new, the young wine feeding the old. The principle is simple but requires great rigour in winemaking."

The Influence of Solera Wines

The red wine Solera plays a vital role in the creation of Palmer & Co's Rosé Reserve cuvée. The Chardonnay Solera adds a touch of spice to the reserve wines of Palmer Brut Reserve and also contributes to the dosage liqueur during disgorgement. Additionally, the Pinot Noir Solera is a key component in the blend of Palmer Blanc de Noirs.

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Palmer & Co

Indulge in the exquisite wines of Champagne Palmer & Co, crafted with meticulous care and expertise. Explore The Reserve Cellar's selection and discover the timeless elegance and exceptional quality that define Palmer & Co wines.

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