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The Rich Heritage

The Dugat family has been cultivating vineyards in the prestigious Gevrey-Chambertin appellation since the early 17th century. For over four centuries, Bernard Dugat and his son, Loîc, have carried forward the invaluable wisdom and expertise acquired by their ancestors through twelve previous generations. This enduring lineage has granted them an unparalleled understanding of winemaking and the art of working in the vineyards.

Ancient Cellars and Age-Old Traditions

Tucked away in the historic section of the village, nestled at the base of the Combe de Lavaux, stands the ancient Aumônerie, a small abbey that once belonged to the esteemed St Benigne Abbey in Dijon since the 9th century. While much of the original structure has vanished over time, the remarkable 11th and 12th-century cellars still remain. These captivating vaulted cellars have served as the domain's aging chambers for nine hundred years, preserving and enhancing the unique character of Dugat-Py wines.

A Commitment to Tradition and Quality

With a remarkable lineage spanning thirteen generations, Domaine Dugat-Py boasts a wealth of knowledge and savoir-faire in winemaking. Their approach begins with a meticulous visual selection of the most robust vine plants of ancient Pinot Noirs. They diligently tend to vineyard parcels, predominantly composed of Très Vieilles Vignes (very old vines over 65 years old), employing organic preparations that shape the distinctive Dugat-Py style. By exclusively focusing on their own vines and refraining from purchasing grapes or wines externally, they guarantee a commitment to the seriousness and uncompromising quality.

A Taste of Timeless Elegance

When you savour a bottle of Domaine Dugat-Py after a minimum of 6-8 years of careful aging, you will rediscover the essence of Burgundy wines. These wines display deep hues, an opulent and full-bodied character, and an enduring elegance. They are a testament to the prestige and reputation that Burgundy wines enjoyed before the transformative periods of the 1970s and 1980s.

Experience the Legacy

Immerse yourself in the storied heritage of Domaine Dugat-Py and indulge in their remarkable wines. Discover the extraordinary craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and unparalleled quality that define their prestigious collection. Browse The Reserve Cellar today and experience the legacy of Domaine Dugat-Py for yourself.

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