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The History and Significance of Frogmore Creek

Alain's Winemaking: Balancing Elegance and Engagement

Alain, the winemaker at Frogmore Creek, embodies the essence of the brand through his commitment to balance, engagement, and elegance. Drawing inspiration from his formal French training and his deep understanding of Tasmania's cool climate growing region, Alain has crafted a unique winemaking style and technique. His philosophy can be summed up as "lazy winemaking" – allowing the fruit to shine and do the work.

Alain's expertise lies in extracting the best from the grapes with minimal intervention. This approach, far from traditional methods, showcases his exceptional winemaking abilities. The result is a collection of beautifully balanced wines that complement food and gracefully evolve with age. But beneath this approach lies Alain's true innovation – his Winemakers Reserve label, where he fearlessly experiments with unconventional techniques to produce complex and intriguing wines.

No matter the project, the grapes, or the brand, Alain's unwavering passion for his craft shines through in every wine he creates. Each bottle becomes an authentic reflection of the spirit of Frogmore Creek.

Danny's Legacy: A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Danny, a fifth-generation farmer from the Coal River Valley, oversees the management of Frogmore Creek's vineyards in Cambridge and Campania. Drawing upon his deep knowledge of the region and his own creative ideas, Danny and his team work harmoniously with the land to cultivate the highest-quality grapes. In conversations with Danny, one quickly realizes the deep-rooted history of sustainable farming that runs through his family's veins.

Danny's sheep farming background is evident throughout the vineyards, especially from May till spring when his Black Suffolk sheep graze amidst the vines. This multipurpose method sustains the land while providing nourishment for the sheep before the lambing season. With Danny at the helm, the vineyards flourish under the care and dedication of his team. Their work secures the future of Frogmore Creek's grape production and ensures the continued growth of the brand for generations to come.

Experience the Authenticity of Frogmore Creek

Immerse yourself in the rich history and passion that defines Frogmore Creek. From Alain's expert winemaking techniques to Danny's commitment to sustainable farming, every bottle of Frogmore Creek wine encapsulates the essence of this remarkable Australian vineyard. Discover the beautifully balanced wines that gracefully evolve with time, and explore the intriguing and unconventional offerings from the Winemakers Reserve label. Embrace the authenticity and indulge in the exquisite flavours of Frogmore Creek wines.

Visit The Reserve Cellar today to experience the magic of Frogmore Creek firsthand. Raise a glass to the history, tradition, and innovation that make these wines truly remarkable. Cheers!

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