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History of Black Estate Wines

In July 1997, a 20-acre block of land on Patons Road, Axe Creek was acquired by Black Estate Wines. The decision was influenced by the land's natural contours, soil structure, and convenient proximity to Bendigo. The soil composition consists of sandy loam, with a layer of approximately 100mm covering red and yellow clay.

Discovering the Rich Grape Growing and Wine-Making History

During negotiations with the previous owner, it was revealed that the Black Estate Wines site was once part of a larger property with a remarkable history in grape growing and winemaking. This historical connection validated the initial attraction to the site, reaffirming its suitability for cultivating exceptional wines.

Establishing the Vineyard

In 1998, Black Estate Wines planted a trial row of 100 Shiraz cuttings to evaluate the site's potential. The progress of these vines indicated that the location possessed the desired characteristics for producing wines with concentrated flavours. The Bendigo region is renowned for its low-yielding vines, low vigour, and concentrated flavours in red wines, precisely what Black Estate Wines aimed to achieve.

In October 1999, 2 acres of Shiraz rootlings were planted and meticulously nurtured onto the cordon and fruiting wires. Prioritizing the development of a robust trunk and arm structure, the vines were given time to establish before being allowed to bear fruit. The first small crop of Shiraz grapes, totalling one and a half tonnes, was harvested in late March 2002.

Aiming for Excellence

In an optimal season, Black Estate Wines anticipates a yield of 3 to 4 tonnes of fruit from their existing 2 acres under vine. While this amount may be comparatively less than other regions, it aligns with their overarching goal of producing highly concentrated and full-bodied wines.

As part of their expansion plans, Black Estate Wines aims to introduce additional grape varieties. However, future plantings are contingent upon water availability, as the vineyard solely relies on catchment dams for irrigation.

Location and Surrounding Area

The Black Estate Vineyard is situated in Axe Creek, Central Victoria, approximately 16km from Bendigo, 25km from Heathcote, and 150km north of Melbourne. Axe Creek, located to the southeast of Bendigo, is renowned for its primary production values, including sheep, cattle, and broadacre cropping. The area also attracts individuals seeking a rural lifestyle.

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