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The History and Significance of Fuligni Wines

The Fuligni vineyards, spanning approximately fourteen hectares, hold a significant place on the northeastern slope of Montalcino, offering the ideal exposure for producing the renowned Brunello wines. Some vineyards are also situated in the southeast, where the soil composition is a mix of tuff and clay.

A Legacy of Vines

The vineyards boast an average vine age of 15 years, while certain mother vines, housing older clones of Sangiovese, have gracefully stood for over forty years, yielding a lower but exceptional quality of grapes per hectare.

A Time-Honored Approach to Viticulture

The grapevines' cordons are horizontally trained, adhering to the classic bilateral cordon system. This meticulous technique ensures a limited number of buds per plant, resulting in a density ranging from 3333 to 5600 vine stocks per hectare.

A thoughtful green pruning technique is employed, carefully thinning out the grapes each year, based on the specific climatic conditions. This ensures optimum growth and health of the vines. The average yield per hectare never surpasses 50,000 kg of grapes annually, maintaining a commitment to quality over quantity.

Handcrafted Harvest and Selection

The harvest at Fuligni is a labour of love, with the owners themselves personally involved from start to finish. They meticulously handpick the grapes, ensuring a rigorous selection process. As they walk through the rows of vines, they oversee every detail, guaranteeing the finest grapes make it into the final selection.

Diverse Vineyards, Distinct Wines

Fuligni proudly possesses various vineyards, including S.Giovanni, Il Piano, Il Ginestreto, La Bandita, S.Luigi, Matilde, Margherita, Poggi I, II, and III. Each vineyard is vinified separately, respecting the unique terroir and exposure, resulting in wines that reflect their specific origins. These wines include Brunello "regular," Riserva, and Rosso DOC.

The Art of Vinification

The vinification process for Brunello di Montalcino Fuligni occurs in stainless steel vats, with a maximum capacity of sixty hectoliters. These vats are housed in a temperature-controlled cellar a short distance from the vineyards. After fermentation, the grapes macerate on the skins before undergoing malolactic transformation. A quarter of the future Brunello matures in five-hectoliter Allier tonneaux, while the remaining portion refines in traditional Slavonian oak barrels of 20 to 30 hectoliters. These barrels, crafted with meticulous care by longstanding artisans, are stored in the ancient cellar beneath the 16th-century Medician Palazzo, which serves as the residence of the Fuligni family.

A Journey of Refinement

In compliance with regulations, vintage Brunello undergoes a four-year refinement process for the "regular" designation, while the Riserva Brunello matures for five years. Following wood refinement, the wines continue their refinement journey in stainless steel tanks and finally in bottles for approximately eight months before being released to the market.

The Brunello Riserva is exclusively crafted in exceptional vintages, utilizing grapes sourced from the oldest vineyards. As for the Brunello regular, Fuligni maintains a commitment to excellence, opting not to produce it during challenging vintages such as 1972, 1976, and 2002.

The Rosso di Montalcino DOC, known as Ginestreto, undergoes partial refinement in Allier French oak tonneaux for approximately six months, resulting in a captivating expression of the Sangiovese grape.

Meticulous Vineyard Management

Simone Bacconi, entrusted with the management of the Fuligni vineyards, approaches his role with utmost dedication. Guided by the expertise and recommendations of agronomist Federico Ricci, renowned in Italy and abroad, Bacconi ensures the vineyards are harmoniously maintained, achieving both qualitative and vegetative excellence year after year.

Discover the Rich Heritage of Fuligni Wines

Immerse yourself in the storied legacy of Fuligni wines, each bottle embodying the unique terroir and passion of the Montalcino region.

Indulge in their remarkable collection, offering a diverse range of Brunello wines crafted with an unwavering commitment to tradition and quality.

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