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The Historic Legacy of Kaesler Wines

The Kaesler vineyards hold a rich history that dates back to the 1840s when pioneering Silesian settlers arrived in the Barossa Valley. In 1891, they acquired 96 acres of land, which was fully planted with a remarkable variety of vines including Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro (Mourvedre), and White Hermitage by 1893. Even today, some of the ancient, gnarled dry-grown Shiraz vines from that time still stand strong, forming the backbone of the intensely flavourful wines they produce.

A Transformational Journey

Throughout the years, the Kaesler estate witnessed various transformations. The original owners pulled out vines to make space for fruit trees and to accommodate their horses and cows. Today, the same site houses the Kaesler Cellar Door, where the old brick horse stable has been transformed into a private tasting room. Additionally, Ernst Kaesler's former residence has been converted into the charming Kaesler Cottages, providing accommodation for visitors.

Celebrated Vines and Iconic Wines

The remaining vineyards predominantly comprised red and fortified grape varieties, with Grenache being added in the 1930s and additional Shiraz plantings in the 1960s and 1970s. These historical plantings contribute to the creation of the renowned aged Shiraz wines that Kaesler produces today.

A New Era Begins

From 1893 to 1986, the Kaesler vineyards thrived under the ownership and operation of the Kaesler family. In 1999, a new chapter unfolded when Ed Peter, a renowned agribusiness entrepreneur, and established winemaker Reid Bosward, together with their business partners, seized the opportunity to acquire the property. Their immediate focus was on reviving the magnificent old vines and crafting extraordinary wines.

At the time of their acquisition, over 70% of the Kaesler vineyards were adorned with red wine vines, all aged 40 years or more. Equipped with such premium old vine resources, the winemaking and viticulture team embarked on a mission to produce bold estate wines that truly represented the essence of the Barossa Valley.

Setting the Stage for Excellence

Inspired by the unparalleled intensity of the old vine Shiraz, the production of the legendary "Old Bastard" began. This wine, classified as "Outstanding" by Langtons, dazzled with its rich and intense fruit character, setting a new standard for Kaesler. Subsequently, a series of highly acclaimed wines followed suit, including the distinguished 'Alte Reben' and 'Old Vine' Shiraz, the infamous 'Bogan' Shiraz, the captivating Avignon Grenache blend, and the approachable Stonehorse range.

Award-Winning Craftsmanship

Kaesler Wines consistently receives accolades and recognition for their exceptional quality. With their distinct style and modest winemaking techniques, the winemaking team consistently produces wines that are rated over 90 points by industry peers and publications. Such excellence has earned them a 5-star rating from James Halliday, a highly regarded authority in the wine industry.

Experience the Legacy of Kaesler Wines

Indulge in the rich history and outstanding craftsmanship of Kaesler Wines. Explore their impressive range of wines that embody the Barossa Valley's essence, from the bold and age-worthy Shiraz to the captivating Grenache blends.

Visit The Reserve Cellar and discover the unforgettable experience of Kaesler Wines.

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