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The History and Significance of Cavallotto

An indissoluble bond has been forged between the Cavallotto family, the magnificent Bricco Boschis hill, and its bountiful vineyards. Nestled upon this hill, the vineyards thrive amidst the perfect amalgamation of elements: a microclimate and a mineral-rich soil consisting of calcareous marl and sand. Since 1928, this extraordinary synergy has given birth to the legacy of Cavallotto.

The Hill's Origins: Monte della Guardia

The history of this hill traces back to its former name, Monte della Guardia. Once owned by the esteemed Marquise Juliette Colbert, the last Marquise of Barolo, it served as a sanctuary for notable figures like Silvio Pellico, who sought solace after his release from Austrian prisons. Moreover, the Marquise dedicated herself to charitable causes, establishing institutions throughout Piedmont and providing refuge for the children of workers in a portion of Palazzo Barolo in Turin. Her enduring contribution also includes the creation of the Barolo wine as we know it today. Eventually, she bequeathed the hill to Giuseppe Boschis, who passionately nurtured its vineyards. Thus, the hill came to be known as Bricco Boschis.

A Family Legacy: The Birth of Cavallotto

In 1928, the visionary Giacomo Cavallotto acquired the entire property, marking the birth of the Cavallotto estate. From that moment onward, the story of Cavallotto became intrinsically entwined with the legacy of the family. In 1946, under the watchful guidance of their father Giuseppe and uncle Marcello, Olivio and Gildo vinified their entire grape production, creating the first bottles exclusively from the grapes grown on this hill.

It was the pivotal year of 1948 that saw the expansion of the cellar and the introduction of the first bottles of Barolo adorned with the Cavallotto label. The true essence of Bricco Boschis was unveiled with the 1967 vintage, featuring the words "Bricco Boschis" on the label. Since 1970, the uniqueness of Bricco Boschis has been further emphasized by highlighting the individual vineyards within it, including Vigna San Giuseppe, Vigna Colle Sud-Ovest, Vigna Punta Marcello, and the Barbera d'Alba Vigna Cuculo.

A Passion for Preservation: Expanding Piedmontese Wine History

In 1989, driven by their unwavering commitment to preserving Piedmontese wine history, the Cavallotto family acquired 60% of the Vignolo Cru. This acquisition gave rise to the creation of the prestigious Barolo Riserva Vignolo, crafted solely from the grapes of this remarkable vineyard. In 1995, the culmination of grapes from the Colle Sud-Ovest and Punta Marcello vineyards gave birth to the non-reserve Barolo, the Cru Bricco Boschis, a worthy descendant of the wines produced between 1948 and 1967.

A New Generation: Continuing the Tradition

Today, it is Alfio, Giuseppe, and Laura who proudly carry the mantle of the Cavallotto estate, upholding both the tradition of this hallowed hill and the legacy of their family. Below the majestic Bricco Boschis, a dedicated aging department for noble wines stands alongside the bottling room and refinement area, which first came to life in 1994 and expanded in 2008. The story continues, as Cavallotto perseveres in crafting exceptional wines that embody the spirit of their heritage.

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