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The Rich Legacy of Rinaldi Franesco: A Journey Through Time

Discover the captivating history and profound significance of Rinaldi Franesco wines, a testament to years of dedication, love for the Barolo hills, and an unwavering commitment to the land. The story begins in the 19th century when Giovanni Rinaldi, with an astute vision, recognized the immense potential of a hillside farmhouse adorned with vineyards. It was here that he made a fateful decision to acquire the estate, setting the stage for generations to come.

Over the years, Giovanni's descendants, driven by their passion, diligently nurtured the company, ensuring its enduring legacy. Today, Paola and Piera Rinaldi, the current owners, proudly carry the torch, marking the culmination of a remarkable journey spanning multiple generations. Throughout the early years, Barolo took centre stage in their cellar, intertwining history and tradition. The pioneering efforts of Michele Rinaldi, one of Giovanni's four sons, during the early 20th century, propelled Barolo to national prominence, capturing the hearts of wine enthusiasts across Italy.

An Iconic Presence: Barolo on the World Stage

Michele Rinaldi's unwavering commitment to the Langhe region ensured that bottles of Barolo Cannubi and Barolo Brunate graced the tables of influential figures, shaping significant moments in history. Notably, in 1949, these exceptional wines were present at the celebrations commemorating Italy's entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, exemplifying the profound connection between their wines and the land from which they originate. The dedication to the Langa region transformed their wines into true protagonists.

In the 1960s, Luciano and Michele, sons of Francesco Rinaldi, propelled the family enterprise to new heights, spearheading its steady growth. With an eye toward the future, Paola and Piera assumed the reins in the 1990s, infusing the company with a modern approach and expanding its global reach. Today, the United States stands as their most significant market, closely followed by Northern Europe and select regions in the Far East. The company's philosophy, rooted in the blend of Barolo, history, and tradition, continues to be inspired by the very hill that enchanted Giovanni Rinaldi two centuries ago.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation: The Art of Winemaking

From the original cellar with its vaulted ceilings, Giovanni's vision has been meticulously nurtured and expanded upon by his descendants. In the 1960s, Luciano and Michele, sons of Francesco Rinaldi, undertook extensive renovation projects, enhancing the winery's facilities. Subsequently, traditional winemaking practices have been harmoniously united with modern technologies to optimize their work without compromising the distinctive character of their wines.

Step inside their modern cellar, crafted to preserve the essence of tradition and experience a taste that transcends time. Following the pressing and fermentation processes, where grapes swiftly transform into wine, the precious liquid finds its way to the revered "halls of silence" – cellars carved into the hillside. It is within these sacred chambers that their Barolo ages gracefully in Slavonian oak barrels, weaving a narrative of exceptional wine. Here, in the heart of the Francesco Rinaldi winery, one can feel the palpable passion of the family, driven by their commitment to honouring the unique qualities bestowed upon us by the Barolo land.

In the 1930s, Francesco Rinaldi made a fortuitous decision to relocate the bottling department and warehouse to Alba. This strategic move was serendipitous, as Alba served as the terminus for the primary transportation system of that era – the train, ensuring efficient transportation of their wines to their destinations.

Experience the Timeless Elegance of Rinaldi Franesco Wines

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary heritage and remarkable craftsmanship behind Rinaldi Franesco wines. Indulge in the rich tapestry of flavours that encapsulate the essence of the Barolo hills, beautifully crafted by generations of passionate winemakers. Elevate your wine collection with the distinctiveness of Rinaldi Franesco, and allow us to accompany you on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Italian winemaking.

Explore our exquisite selection now and discover the allure of Rinaldi Franesco wines for yourself.

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