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History and Significance of Robert Channon Wines

At Robert Channon Wines, the winery owners and founders, Robert and Peggy Channon, personally extend a warm welcome to visitors, guiding them through delightful wine tastings at our cellar door. The experience of tasting with us, the passionate owners, has been cherished by countless visitors. Robert and Peggy have been intimately involved in every aspect of the winery, from the cellar door to the vineyard and the winemaking process, ever since the winery first opened its doors.

Peggy's genuine love for meeting people and Robert's talent for storytelling and quick-witted humour add a special touch to every wine-tasting experience.

From Different Paths to Shared Passion

Prior to venturing into the world of winemaking, Peggy pursued a successful career as a teacher, while Robert established himself as a solicitor. Their achievements in their respective fields were notable, and little did they know that they would one day embark on an extraordinary journey together in the wine industry.

Robert, born just outside London in Shepperton, England, completed his education in Sussex and earned a degree in Law from Cambridge University. He qualified as a solicitor and worked with a prestigious London firm. In 1973, seeking respite from the miners' strike in the UK, Robert made his way to Australia. Arriving during a challenging economic period marked by Mr. Whitlam's recession, Robert temporarily drove a taxi in Sydney before securing a position at one of the renowned firms, Freehills, eventually becoming a Partner.

It was through their shared passion for music that Robert and Peggy first crossed paths. They both sang with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir and discovered a deep connection. Music became an integral part of their lives, with Peggy showcasing her talent as a skilled pianist—a passion that led to the winery's annual concerts.

A New Chapter: Building a Winery

"We can't pinpoint the exact moment when wine became our chosen path. We simply adore drinking wine, and with my father's profound knowledge and appreciation for wine, I suppose you could say it was in my blood from an early age, like anti-freeze," reminisces Robert.

Robert continues, "Peggy always yearned for a life connected to the land rather than the bustling cities. After spending about 35 years as a solicitor and accomplishing most of my professional goals, I felt it was time to do something 'useful' at the energetic age of 55."

The couple was living in Brisbane when their curiosity led them to explore the Granite Belt region. They were captivated by the exceptional wines produced there, despite the presence of some unique local character wines (a euphemism for less desirable ones) at the time. Recognizing the immense potential to create outstanding wines in the Granite Belt with the right setup, they made the resolute decision to establish their own winery.

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Experience the rich history and significance of Robert Channon Wines, brought to life by the passion and dedication of Robert and Peggy. Visit The Reserve Cellar to explore an exquisite selection of Robert Channon Wines. Indulge in the artistry and craftsmanship that has made our wines renowned, and embark on a journey of exceptional taste and quality.

Take part in our wine-tasting experience and uncover the story behind each bottle.

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