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The Legacy of Julian Haart

With a wine-growing tradition dating back to 1337, the Haart family stands as one of the oldest and most esteemed wine-growing families on the Moselle. Their story is deeply intertwined with the rich heritage of Piesport, a region renowned for its exceptional wines. In 2010, Julian Haart embarked on a personal journey, acquiring a plot of nearly 8,000 square meters in the prestigious Grand Cru location of Wintricher Ohligsberg.

A Mosaic of Vineyards

Since those humble beginnings, Julian Haart's small winery has flourished, now encompassing 5 hectares of meticulously cultivated vineyards in the finest locations of Piesport and Wintrich. In 2018, they expanded their portfolio with an additional plot in Niederflörsheim, nestled within the picturesque region of Rheinhessen.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Julian Haart, there is an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and a profound respect for the land. Every step of the winemaking process is a testament to their commitment to quality. The team embraces uncompromising manual labour and adopts sustainable and responsible practices in managing their vines. Many of these vines, with their roots deep in the earth, have weathered over a century of time, adding an unrivalled depth of character to the wines.

The Essence of Passion

Within every bottle of Julian Haart wine, there is a story of passion and unwavering dedication. Their wines are a labour of love, the result of countless hours of hard work and the embodiment of the winemakers' heart and soul. With boundless enthusiasm, they pour their love for their craft into each grape, striving to create wines that are unique, enduring, and possess a distinctive character.

Experience the Extraordinary

Indulge in the remarkable wines crafted by Julian Haart and be transported on a sensory journey through centuries of tradition and expertise. Discover the allure of Piesport and Wintrich through their exceptional vintages, each bottle encapsulating the essence of a family legacy. Embrace the invitation to savour the fruits of their labour, for within every sip lies the culmination of centuries of winemaking mastery.

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