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The History and Significance of Argiano Wines

Argiano wines hold a significant place in the history of the Montalcino region, establishing themselves as one of the most prestigious and historical wineries in the area. The origins of the name Argiano are believed to trace back to Roman times, with possibilities ranging from 'Ara Janus' referring to the god Janus, to 'the land of the River Orcia' known as 'Orgia' in ancient times.

A Noble Legacy and Magnificent Villa

In the 16th century, a pivotal moment in Argiano's history occurred when the Tolomei family declined, making way for the noble Pecci family from Sienna. During this time, the Pecci family constructed a magnificent villa, Bell'Aria, between 1580 and 1596. This splendid villa stands as a perfect example of a 16th-century noble residence, strategically preserving the original castle's centre on the hill's crest to benefit from the exceptional air quality.

Ancient Cellars and Olive Oil Production

Four centuries ago, the foundations of Argiano's winemaking industry were laid with the construction of its cellar. Additionally, a manuscript dating back to 1616, written by Bartolomeo Gherardini, the Auditor General in Siena, references the production of olive oil—an integral part of Argiano's agricultural heritage.

A Journey Through Noble Families

Over the centuries, Argiano passed through the hands of various noble families until it found inspired leadership in Lady Ersilia Caetani Lovatelli. Under her guidance, Argiano's products gained prominence in significant cultural gatherings of the time. Renowned poet Carducci himself proclaimed, "I cleanse myself of this bitterness with the wine of Argiano, which is extremely good..."

A Legacy of Achievements

In 1932, Argiano was awarded the gold medal for its exceptional dessert and table wines at the Brussels Food Fair. Three years later, it was featured in the Trade Exhibition of typical Italian wines. The year 1967 marked a historic milestone for Argiano with the birth of the Brunello of Montalcino, which played a crucial role as a founding organization of the Consortium. In 1992, Countess Noemi Marone Cinzano took over the estate, introducing significant innovations and reinvigorating the name of Argiano. This period also marked the collaboration with world-famous oenologist Giacomo Tachis, leading to the creation of Solengo, a remarkable Supertuscan from Montalcino.

A New Era of Ownership and Sustainability

In 2013, the ownership and company direction of Argiano transitioned into the capable hands of Bernardino Sani, who also took over as the wine's signatory in 2015. Since 2019, Argiano proudly stands as the first company in Montalcino to embrace a plastic-free approach. By eliminating all single-use plastics and adopting a cyclical model based on waste differentiation and the Rule of Return, Argiano demonstrates its commitment to the environment and the principles of Reduce, Recuperate, Recycle, and Reuse.

An Organic and Sustainable Approach

Argiano firmly believes in an organic and sustainable method of agriculture, striving for a balanced biodiversity. To achieve this, the winery employs techniques that enhance soil fertility and utilizes natural products such as weeds, chestnut tannins, propolis, and zeolite. Argiano refrains from using artificial insecticides and instead implements methods like the release of beneficial insects. The winery also undertakes initiatives like the placement of beehives near the vineyards, employing Mycorrhizae, and conducting Microzonation studies. The latter enables precise targeting and focused approaches by uncovering distinct microzones within individual vineyard plots.

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