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The History and Significance of Carillion Wines

Carillion Wines, a renowned Australian winery, has built a long-standing legacy of excellence in winemaking. With a steadfast commitment to quality and deep respect for their heritage, Carillion Wines continuously pushes the boundaries by exploring exciting grape varieties and innovative winemaking techniques.

A Pursuit of Rarity and Distinction

Embracing the philosophy of exclusivity, Carillion Wines takes pride in producing limited quantities of their exceptional wines. Most of their range consists of a mere 150 to 250 cases per vintage, with some releases being as rare as 250 bottles. This deliberate approach ensures that each wine receives the utmost attention and care, resulting in truly exceptional expressions.

Guided by Passionate Experts

At the helm of Carillion Wines is Vigneron and owner, Tim Davis, a visionary leader in the industry. Working in close collaboration with Winemaker Andrew Ling and the dedicated vineyard team, Tim and Andrew focus on crafting small-batch wines from premium, low-crop fruit. Balancing innovation with respect for tradition, Carillion Wines fearlessly explores alternative varieties and experimental winemaking techniques, while paying homage to the vignerons of the past.

A Meticulous Selection of Vineyards

Carillion Wines firmly believes that the foundation of great wine lies in the vineyard. With utmost care, they have handpicked distinct vineyard sites based on their soil composition, climate characteristics, and fruit-growing capacity. Their vineyards include the renowned Talavera Grove in the Hunter Valley, the cool-climate Carillion in Orange, and the esteemed Stonefields in Wrattonbully. Each vineyard specializes in different grape varieties, allowing Carillion Wines to craft an extensive range of wines, showcasing the finest fruit available for each varietal.

A Hands-On Approach to Winemaking

As a boutique producer of premium fruit sourced from diverse climates, soil types, and grape varieties, Carillion Wines has the privilege of handpicking "the pick of the bunch" for their winemaking endeavours. With meticulous attention to detail, they manage their vineyards with a hands-on approach, carefully identifying individual rows or portions of rows to harvest for crafting small batches of exceptional wine. This personalized touch ensures that every bottle reflects the essence of their vineyards and winemaking expertise.

An Immersive Experience

Visitors to Carillion Wines can immerse themselves in their world of wine by exploring their Hunter Valley Cellar Door, nestled within the scenic Mount View. The cellar door offers breathtaking views that are widely recognized as the best in the Hunter region. Guests can indulge in the delights of Provence-style cuisine at the renowned Bistro Molines while enjoying the serene ambience. For a truly unforgettable experience, one can opt for an overnight or weekend stay at the picturesque Little Orchard Cottage, further enhancing their journey into the world of Carillion Wines.

Discover Our Story

To delve deeper into the captivating narrative behind Carillion Wines and to meet the passionate individuals who drive their success, we invite you to explore more about our people and our story. Experience the essence of Carillion Wines and indulge in the artistry that accompanies each bottle.

Discover Carillion Wines today and experience the pinnacle of Australian winemaking.

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