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A Pioneering Adventure

Tapanappa represents the 21st-century chapter of an adventure that paved the way for the modern era of the Adelaide Hills wine region. This remarkable journey began over 40 years ago as Petaluma, a renowned name in the industry.

A Family-Owned Legacy

Tapanappa is the name bestowed upon the ongoing family-owned, fine-wine enterprise by Brian Croser, the visionary behind this extraordinary venture. Rooted in the Piccadilly Valley, Tapanappa traces its origins back to its humble beginnings as Petaluma.

A Tale of Resilience

Following its illustrious history as one of the first and finest wine producers in the Adelaide Hills, Petaluma underwent a dramatic takeover by corporate giant Lion Nathan in 2001. Despite this change, the Crosers maintained ownership of their cherished family home and the iconic Tiers Chardonnay vineyard, nestled at the heart of the original winery site.

A Vision for Excellence

In 2002, driven by an unwavering vision to continue crafting exceptional Australian wines, Brian and Ann Croser established Tapanappa. Their long-time friends and business collaborators, Bollinger of Champagne and the Cazes family of Lynch Bages in Bordeaux's Pauillac appellation joined them in this pursuit. The French partners remained steadfast supporters until 2014, maintaining strong bonds and serving as importers in key global markets.

A Triumphant Return

After protracted negotiations with the corporate owners of Petaluma, the Croser family triumphantly regained control of the Piccadilly Valley winery and cellars in 2014. This timely victory allowed them to renovate the premises for the 2015 vintage, reinvigorating Tapanappa's commitment to crafting exceptional wines.

A Complete Family Fine Wine Company

Today, Tapanappa has blossomed into a comprehensive family fine wine company, managing every aspect from vineyard to market. Brian's daughter, Lucy, and her husband, Xavier Bizot, oversee its operations, while Sam Barlow, a son-in-law of the Crosers, takes care of the winery. The distribution of Tapanappa's portfolio of wines in Australia is handled by Terroir Selections, a company founded and operated by Xavier and Lucy.

A Connection to the Land

The name "Tapanappa" draws inspiration from the ancient geological formation that spans 550 million years beneath the Fleurieu Peninsula, which is home to the Croser family's coastal property and their newest vineyard, Foggy Hill.

An Aboriginal Heritage

The term "Tapanappa" derives from the local Aboriginal language, encapsulating the notion of "sticking to the path." This philosophy perfectly mirrors Brian Croser's approach to selecting the Distinguished Sites, where he meticulously matches the climate, soil, and geology to the most suitable grape varieties. The vineyards are then meticulously managed to create truly unique Australian "terroir"-driven wines.

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