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The History of Maison Andre Goichot

Founded in 1947 by André-Marcel, Maison Andre Goichot has a rich history deeply rooted in the winegrowing land of Burgundy. André-Marcel, the son of a winegrower, overcame humble circumstances to establish the foundation of the company. His resourcefulness and determination led him to collect empty bottles, exchanging them for full ones from local merchants until he acquired his first barrel of wine. Thus, Maison Goichot was born in the village of Merceuil, just two rows of vines away from Beaune.

On the maternal side, Maison Andre Goichot is also connected to the inventive spirit. Lucien Loiseau, the other grandfather, was a remarkable character known as the brilliant inventor of the straddle tractor.

The Last Independent Family Trading House in Burgundy

Maison Andre Goichot takes immense pride in being one of the last independent family trading houses in Burgundy. Amidst a landscape dominated by big names and large groups, the company stands out with its unique state of mind and dynamic. Embracing the spirit of adaptation and learning from experiences and encounters, Maison Andre Goichot strives to meet the needs of its customers. Agility and responsiveness have become their trademark, managing every order with equal care, regardless of size. Their independence ensures the freedom of choice for their valued clientele.

A Legacy Continues: The New Generation

In 1982, André-Marie, son of André-Marcel, joined the company after studying oenology. Taking over the management of Maison Goichot in 1987, he brought a decisive impetus to the business. The company expanded into the bottling market, making significant investments and achieving total independence in storage, bottling, and logistics. In 2002, Maison Andre Goichot opened its doors to private clients through their shop "La Ronde des vignerons" and ventured into the international market a decade later.

Continuing the family legacy, the new generation joined their father in the company. Arnauld in 2007, Adrien in 2012, Pierre-Alexandre in 2013, and Noémie in 2018 brought fresh blood and energy. In 2015, a significant milestone was reached with the exclusive distribution of Domaine les Guignottes wines. The following year, Maison Andre Goichot joined forces with Château du Cray, adding 25 hectares of vineyards from the Côte Chalonnaise to their portfolio. These expansions led to the growth of their site in Beaune and substantial technical investments, further enhancing their expertise in wine growing and winemaking.

Preserving Tradition, Embracing the Future

In less than a century, Maison Andre Goichot has evolved through three generations and witnessed remarkable transformations. From a humble beginning in the bulk market to embracing the bottling market and expanding into winegrowing and winemaking, the company has remained grounded. Their passion revolves around sharing exceptional wines, serving customers, fostering close relationships with their team and partners, and ensuring accessible and enjoyable wines are available. Above all, they uphold their motto of being a family business with a human dimension, staying independent, responsive, and creative while never forgetting their roots.

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