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Hailing from the picturesque Edi Simčič estate nestled in Slovenia, Aleks Simčič stands as a luminary among Eastern European winemakers, drawing recognition as a true maestro of his craft. Located mere steps from the Italian border, in close proximity to the renowned Colli Orientali in Friuli, Simčič's abode lies within the embrace of Goriška Brda, an opulent subalpine haven that, intriguingly, was once a part of Italy until the conclusion of World War II. This enchanting enclave not only enjoys historical significance but also reigns as a paramount terroir for cultivating white grape varieties, possibly claiming the pinnacle among the region's viticultural domains. His single estate wines, marked by their enduring character, profound depth, and sheer sophistication, now stand shoulder to shoulder with the most esteemed appellations of France.

In a remarkable twist of fate, Aleks extends his mastery to collaborating with a select group of local growers at the cooperative winery, Vinska Klet, and defies expectations by crafting a series of affordable wines. When faced with the challenge to create an extraordinary, expressive, mineral-infused white wine retailing for under $15, he responded with Giocato, an exceptional offering that elevates the standard for budget-friendly Pinot Grigio. With restrained yields infusing it with luxurious viscosity, the palate delivers an impeccable equilibrium between tropical fruit opulence and invigorating acidity. Much like the alchemical touch that graces the high-end wines of Edi Simčič, everything Aleks undertakes appears to turn into vinous gold.

Due to the scale of his own estate, producing Giocato independently isn't feasible for Aleks. Instead, he collaborates with the organic co-op, Vinska Klet, which has steadfastly upheld organic farming practices since its inception in 1957, including the arduous art of dry farming—a philosophy perfectly aligned with Aleks' own ideals. By nurturing longstanding relationships with a select cadre of growers, Aleks has the privilege of selecting only the finest hand-picked grapes from his neighbors. These grapes hail from various plots in and around the village of Vipolže, boasting an average vine age of 20 to 30 years and an altitude of approximately 180 meters, ensuring an uncompromising price-to-quality ratio. Echoing its Friulian neighbors, the predominant soil type here is the prized ponca, a carbonate-rich clay imbued with salts and minerals that imparts structure and elegance to unoaked whites. Astonishingly, the Giocato series maintains remarkably low yields, producing just under one bottle per plant, a testament to the commitment to excellence that prevails throughout this vinous journey.

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