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The History of Bedrock Wines Co.

Bedrock Wine Co. was established in 2007 by Morgan Twain-Peterson. Starting in a small converted chicken coop located in a friend's backyard, Morgan focused on creating wines that exuded personality and character, sourced from meticulously farmed vineyards. As time passed, the humble chicken coop with its outdoor fermenters and tiny basket press made way for production at another friend's winery, and eventually led to the current home of Bedrock Wine Co., an elegant tin-sided warehouse.

After six years of working solo, the winery warmly welcomed Chris Cottrell as a partner-in-crime, along with a small, dedicated staff consisting of highly decent human beings.

The Significance of Bedrock Wines Co.

The winery's primary mission is driven by a commitment to preserve and rehabilitate old vineyards scattered throughout California. These vineyards, planted by the viticultural pioneers of California in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, stand as living pieces of history. Drawing inspiration from these pioneers, Bedrock Wine Co. has the privilege of utilizing the very materials they planted—materials that have endured two world wars, Prohibition, and a constantly evolving market. When something has thrived for over a century, it not only deserves our respect as humans but also produces exceptional wines.

While Zinfandel often takes the spotlight, these vineyards are also home to Mataro (Mourvedre), Carignan, Petite Sirah, Alicante Bouschet, Grenache, Semillon, Gewurztraminer, Trousseau Gris, Riesling, and many other grape varieties. The beautiful diversity of the vineyards presents both a challenge and an exciting opportunity. Embracing this challenge, Bedrock Wine Co. aims to capture greatness from the viticultural puzzle that is an old vine field blend vineyard.

Exploring California's Terroirs

Bedrock Wine Co. is dedicated to harnessing the diverse terroirs of California, which offer the capacity to create an extensive range of wine styles. Whether crafting delicate and perfumed rosé, barrel-fermented whites, or Syrah with violet and pepper notes, the winery continuously explores the vastness of California's wine regions. From the heart of Oakville in Napa to the northern reaches of Mendocino, from the gold hills of Amador to the beaches of Contra Costa, and every corner of Sonoma, each year brings the discovery of something unique and eccentric. Throughout all their wines, the winery maintains a commitment to crafting wines that possess both poise and the sun-kissed essence of California, ultimately resulting in wines that are undeniably delicious.

The Art and Craft of Winemaking

At Bedrock Wine Co., they firmly believe in simplicity as the key to creating exceptional wines. They hold the personal belief that wines manipulated and overly sculpted by winemakers tend to lack satisfaction and soulful gustatory experiences. This philosophy extends across regions, whether it's Sonoma, Lodi, Amador County, Chambolle Musigny, Gigondas, or Serralunga. Woody Guthrie's quote perfectly encapsulates their spirit—while they may not be called geniuses, their wide array of vineyards and wine styles showcases their passion.

Bedrock Wine Co. embraces uninoculated fermentations, native malolactic fermentation, the use of whole clusters in fermentation, minimal handling, avoiding common additions such as water and tartaric acid, and preferring no oak over cheap oak. They recognize that winemaking is an art and a craft, where the finest wines are a harmonious fusion of artistry, scientific understanding, and accumulated experience.

The Philosophy of Site and Variety

One of the great joys of making wine in California is the freedom from strict stylistic rules. Bedrock Wine Co. relishes the opportunity to craft beautiful old vine field blends, savoury Syrahs with notes of bacon fat, elegant and translucent rosé, barrel-fermented whites, and everything in between. California offers a remarkable terroir for almost any style imaginable. The winery's mission is to thoughtfully match the site and variety, employing meticulous winemaking techniques to achieve the desired style.

Overall, at the heart of all Bedrock wines lies a dedication to ideal ripeness, freshness, and captivating aromatics. With an abundance of richness and fruit character in California, their challenge lies in preserving the levity and grace within their wines. At all times, Bedrock Wine Co. seeks to find the perfect balance between intellectual depth and mouthwatering deliciousness.

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