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Domaine de Villaine: A Rich Tradition Rooted in Bouzeron

Domaine de Villaine, situated in the charming village of Bouzeron, holds a special place in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise region. Nestled between the esteemed appellations of Chassagne-Montrachet and Santenay to the north, and Rully and Mercurey to the south, this picturesque winemaking haven boasts a history dating back to the Middle Ages.

Planted centuries ago by the revered monks of Cluny, the sun-kissed slopes of Bouzeron have fostered a profound winemaking heritage, producing wines that beautifully reflect the essence of their exceptional terroir.

A Terroir of Unparalleled Excellence

At Domaine de Villaine, vineyards adorn the slopes exclusively, capitalizing on the distinct characteristics of the region's limestone-rich, nutrient-poor soils. This unique composition allows for meticulous control over yields, while a warm microclimate nurtures the optimal ripening of grapes.

Domaine de Villaine cherishes this delicate harmony between land and vine, creating an environment where vines thrive and express their true potential.

Embracing Organic Principles for Superlative Quality

In the pursuit of pristine, high-quality grapes that capture the essence of their terroir, Domaine de Villaine has made a resolute commitment to organic viticulture. Since 1986, the Domaine has proudly held the esteemed certification by Qualicé-France.

By embracing organic agricultural methods, the domaine upholds the natural equilibrium between soil and vine. Pesticides and herbicides are eschewed, and organic vegetal compost stands as the sole fertilizer, nurturing the vines without compromising their innate character.

Crafting Wines of Uncompromising Quality

Domaine de Villaine meticulously tends to every facet of the vine's journey, ensuring that the resulting wines truly embody the potential of both the varietal and the terroir. Yield control is carefully managed through selective planting and a regimen of meticulous sevre pruning and occasional pre-harvest thinning.

The domain consistently maintains yields that are approximately 20% lower than the already-stringent regulations set by the AC (Appellation Contrôlée) guidelines, reinforcing their unwavering commitment to crafting wines of exceptional calibre.

Experience the Elegance of Domaine de Villaine

Step into the world of Domaine de Villaine and indulge in the enchanting wines that encapsulate centuries of winemaking artistry.

Explore The Reserve Cellar's curated selection of Domaine de Villaine wines and discover the harmonious fusion of tradition, terroir, and uncompromising quality.

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