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The Captivating Landscape of Castelvecchio

The Castelvecchio estate, situated 145 meters above sea level, proudly stands as the initial karst rise from the Isonzo di Sagrado. This picturesque plateau offers breathtaking 360° views, encompassing the majestic Alps to the north and the glistening Adriatic Sea to the south.

An Enduring Legacy Rooted in History

Immersed in the noble and ancient origins of the town Castelnuovo di Sagrado, the rich landscape reveals a testament to the past. The Villa Della Torre in Valsassina-Hofer-Hohenlohe serves as a remarkable testament to the enduring history of the region. As you explore, the villa's enchanting park, adorned with cypresses, yews, and centuries-old oaks, adds an air of mystique to the experience.

A Passionate Journey by the Terraneo Family

Since 1986, the Terraneo family has ardently pursued a comprehensive vision encompassing agriculture, agritourism, and cultural development. Driven by their unwavering passion and dedication, they have nurtured a legacy deeply rooted in the essence of their land.

Vinification: Embracing Nature's Essence

At Castelvecchio, the vinification process reflects a harmonious blend of nature and expertise. Alcoholic fermentation occurs naturally, guided by the enzymes produced by the grape must's indigenous yeasts. Even during challenging years, the wines thrive, boasting high alcohol content and an abundance of polyphenols. Without the use of exogenous yeasts, Castelvecchio wines embrace the true character of their terroir, offering a distinct structure and captivating aromas.

A Fusion of Modernity and Tradition

The oenological facilities at Castelvecchio showcase a seamless fusion of modern technology and timeless traditions. In the state-of-the-art cellar, grapes undergo their initial processing, while adjacent rooms house steel tanks for fermenting both red and white wines, as well as preserving the whites. The final stages of bottling and aging complete the meticulous cycle of craftsmanship.

An Evocative Haven: The Barrique Cellar

Nestled within the foundations of an ancient tower, adjacent to the Venetian Villa, lies the historic barrique cellar. This captivating environment has been meticulously restored to serve as a sanctuary for refining red wines. Within its walls, French and Slavonian oak barrels, varying in capacity, cradle the wines during their maturation process. The duration of wood aging is carefully tailored to each vintage and wine type, ensuring optimal flavour development.

Experience Castelvecchio Wines, an Ode to Tradition and Terroir

Embark on a journey to discover the exceptional wines of Castelvecchio. Immerse yourself in the allure of their captivating history, the embrace of natural vinification, and the seamless blending of modernity and tradition.

Allow Castelvecchio wines to captivate your senses, as they embody the essence of their terroir and offer an exquisite taste of Italian winemaking heritage.

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