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Origin of the Name

Fire Gully earned its name from the destructive forces of two major bushfires that struck the gully in the heart of the property. These significant events occurred in 1952 and 1970, leaving a lasting mark on the land. Nestled away from the main road, Fire Gully's vineyard remains a hidden treasure, shielded by a long, narrow strip that stretches towards the main paddocks. The vineyard's allure lies in its remarkable beauty, offering breathtaking views from the elevated blocks that overlook the dam, vineyards, and untouched bushland.

Roots of the Property

Since 1946, Fire Gully has been in the capable hands of Ellis and Margaret Butcher, esteemed pioneers of the region. In 1988, they embarked on a journey by planting vines on their farm, setting the stage for Fire Gully's future. In 1998, the property found a new custodian in Michael Peterkin, known for his association with Pierro. Michael continued to expand the vineyard, planting additional vines in the subsequent years, cementing Fire Gully's growth and legacy.

A Unique Location

Strategically located adjacent to Moss Wood and a mere kilometre away from Pierro Vineyards, Fire Gully thrives in the influence of the brook system that traverses its grounds, eventually reaching the coastline four kilometres away. The cooling sea breeze makes its way up the brook, gently moderating the summer temperatures in the vineyard. This distinct microclimate contributes to the exceptional character and flavour profile of Fire Gully wines.

Handcrafted Excellence

Every grape at Fire Gully is hand-picked at the break of dawn and carefully transported in small buckets to the renowned Pierro winery. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Peterkin, the talented team at Pierro crafts the wines with utmost precision and care. The winemaking process is meticulous, with the wines being handcrafted and blended in small batches. Each bottle of Fire Gully wine encapsulates the very essence of Margaret River regionality and exemplifies the highest standards of quality. Over the years, these wines have consistently garnered praise and accolades, standing as a testament to their unwavering excellence.

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Discover the exceptional wines of Fire Gully and explore the captivating flavours of Margaret River. Visit The Reserve Cellar today and elevate your wine collection.

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