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The Rich History of Weingut Gunderloch

Deep within Germany's renowned vineyards lies the historic 'Roter Hang', an enchanting collection of steep slopes that grace the Rhine between the towns of Nackenheim and Nierstein. Among wine connoisseurs, the region's ancient and distinctive iron-oxide-infused red shale and clayey soil, known as Rotliegend, have achieved a near-mythical status.

For six generations, the Gunderloch family has embraced this rich tradition, considering it their cherished 'home'. Their 28-hectare estate in Rheinhessen, along with the iconic Haus am Rothenberg, serves as the birthplace for exceptional wines that embody the family's unparalleled blend of experience and innovation. Focusing primarily on Riesling while also cultivating regional specialties such as Pinot varieties and Silvaner, each bottle represents the family's profound dedication to the Rothenberg. Each glass invites you to explore its character—a splendid fusion of harmony, strength, and grace.

A Legacy Rooted in Tradition

Weingut Gunderloch traces its origins back to 1890 when the visionary banker, Carl Gunderloch, acquired the legendary Nackenheimer Rothenberg vineyard. This bold move ignited a pioneering spirit that continues to animate the estate to this day. Carl Gunderloch's ambition extended beyond merely making wine; he spearheaded the movement towards quality-driven viticulture within the region and staunchly advocated for the culture of fine winemaking. Unsurprisingly, his estate became one of the founding members of the esteemed Verein Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP), an association comprising Germany's finest winegrowers. Remarkably, Weingut Gunderloch remains one of only four estates that have maintained membership since its inception. Over the course of six generations and 130 years, Carl Gunderloch's unwavering commitment to crafting world-class Rieslings from the finest officially classified vineyards has been passed down with pride.

Johannes Gunderloch: A Winemaker Driven by Curiosity

Johannes Gunderloch, a contradiction in his own right, chose winemaking despite being born into a family of winegrowers. Before embarking on this path, he pursued a degree in business administration, which instilled in him a meticulous precision and analytical approach that continues to shape his winemaking philosophy. His year-long journey across the globe further enriched his technical exactitude with inspiration drawn from the innovative winemakers of the new world. Merely savouring the essence of the Roter Hang in his wines is not enough for Johannes. He yearns to comprehend it fully—to examine it from every angle, dissect its intricacies, and ultimately be inspired by its essence. His unrelenting curiosity permeates each bottle, resulting in a captivating and delightful experience.

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