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The History and Significance of Domaine Josmeyer Wines

Located in the heart of Alsace, near Colmar, Domaine Josmeyer boasts an expansive vineyard covering 24.40 hectares. This impressive estate comprises 90 plots, which are strategically situated on plain soils in Wintzenheim, Turckheim, and Wettolsheim, as well as on hillsides that include the renowned Grands Crus Hengst, with its marl limestone soil, and Brand, with its granite soil.

From 2000 onwards, the entire vineyard of Domaine Josmeyer has been cultivated using organic and biodynamic practices, ultimately earning certification in 2004. By embracing these principles, the winemakers have showcased their commitment to a holistic approach that harmonizes with nature.

Embracing Biodynamics for Vineyard Vitality

To truly grasp the essence of Domaine Josmeyer's philosophy, one must delve into the origins of the term "biodynamics." This concept arises from the fusion of two Greek words: "Βίος," which signifies life in its broadest sense, and "Δύναμις," which represents strength and power. For over two decades, Domaine Josmeyer has devoted itself to comprehending, honouring, and nurturing the natural life forces that inhabit their vines. They strive to foster symbiosis and synergy among the plants and the living world that surrounds them, be it the earth, humans, or the sky.

A vibrant and balanced soil plays a pivotal role in facilitating the harmonious growth of the vines and their ability to adapt to climatic changes. At Domaine Josmeyer, the soil is meticulously tended to optimize air and water exchanges. With every other row covered in natural grass, a rich diversity of fauna and flora flourishes. Over 15 hectares of the vineyard are sown, fostering root diversity and improving soil aeration.

In spring, as the damp earth begins to warm, the first application of 500P is carefully administered. After an hour of dynamization, this preparation, consisting of fermented cow dung stored in a horn and infused with various plants like yarrow, chamomile, nettle, oak bark, dandelion, and valerian, is gently sprayed in large droplets onto the ground during the late afternoon. Addressing the earth's forces directly, this application stimulates microbial activity, fosters humus formation, and promotes the development and vertical growth of the roots.

Unlocking the Vine's Ascent with Silica

The vine, in its wild state, possessed the innate ability to climb to great heights, sometimes exceeding 5 meters. Although domesticated by humans, it retains its intrinsic aspiration for verticality, reaching for the heavens. Silica, derived from transparent quartz crystals, reinforces this natural inclination. Before daybreak, just prior to flowering, fine droplets of silica or 501 are sprayed onto the nascent leaves. Silica, often referred to as "crystallized light" by Goethe, enhances photosynthesis, influences leaf development, and fortifies the structure of the plant. An application of 501 before harvest safeguards acidity and promotes optimal grape ripening.

Respecting Lunar Rhythms and the Human Touch

The influence of lunar rhythms on all forms of life is a well-established phenomenon. Domaine Josmeyer pays special attention to Maria Thun's lunar calendar, which guides their daily activities and decisions.

The human element plays a vital role in assisting the vines to manifest their fullest potential. This intimate relationship, rooted in careful observation, begins with pruning. Each vine is scrutinized, considering its expression, strength, and weaknesses. The human touch adapts to the plant's energy, ensuring equilibrium and longevity. This initial gesture sets the stage for a series of equally precise and essential actions: trimming the wood, training the vines, disbudding, trellising, leaf removal, and ultimately, the harvest. Guided by human hands, each choice is a pivotal element in an endless choreography.

Understanding the vine is paramount in providing the necessary aid. It entails deciphering its needs and comprehending its moments of silence. Despite occasional feelings of helplessness, the journey continues, one step at a time.

Treatments and Natural Immunity

Domaine Josmeyer employs herbal teas and decoctions derived from various plants to minimize the use of copper and sulphur in their treatments while fortifying the vine's natural immune system. Among the components of their herbal concoctions are horsetail, nettle, wicker, chamomile, and yarrow. On occasion, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils such as sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) find their way into the mix.

There is no end, only beginnings. Domaine Josmeyer embraces their profound convictions and continues to question, seek, and explore new paths. Driven by an unwavering desire to respect and protect the delicate life that surrounds them, they stride forward with determination.

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