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The History and Significance of Latta Vino

The Vineyard at Eastern Peake is situated on a high plateau, standing 430 meters above sea level on the Great Dividing Range in Australia. This unique location experiences a marginal continental climate on volcanic weathered basalt grey loam soils. For nearly two decades, the vineyards were dry-grown, but climate change has altered the weather patterns, leading to a lack of timely rainfall during critical moments of the growing season. However, the region benefits from an underground artesian water system accessible through a bore, allowing irrigation when necessary.

Establishment and Farming Approach

Established in the 1980s, Latta Vino was initially guided by organic principles, as the cost of chemical alternatives was prohibitively expensive. The vineyard followed conventional methods with a gentle approach until 2006, when a transition to more sustainable farming practices began, focusing on regenerative farming. Since 2013, organic methods have become the core farming approach, and there is a strong commitment to swiftly adopting biodynamics through Quantum Farming practices. The vision for the future is centred on cultivating healthy soils that enable thriving vines on this land.

The Key to Success: Farming for the Future

While winemaking itself is a relatively straightforward process, Latta Vino believes that the true key to success lies in farming for the future. The focus is not only on producing exceptional wines but also on nurturing the land and implementing sustainable practices. By prioritizing healthy soils, Latta Vino ensures that the vines receive the necessary nutrients and conditions to flourish. This dedication to environmentally friendly farming methods is at the heart of Latta Vino's ethos and contributes to the creation of high-quality, distinctive wines.

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