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At Swinney Wines, they believe that the key to crafting exceptional wines lies in the quality of the fruit itself. With a profound understanding of their unique vineyard sites and a rich history of cultivating fruit in the region, Swinney Wines combines dry farming and organic practices to produce fruit that eloquently expresses its terroir.

A Ferrous Legacy from Hilltop Vineyards

Situated atop ironstone gravel hilltops overlooking the Frankland River, Swinney's vineyards yield wines with a distinct ferrous character. This characteristic is deeply associated with the premium quality fruit of the Frankland River region, making Swinney Wines an emblem of the area's viticultural excellence.

Embracing the Art of Bush Vine Viticulture

Swinney Wines holds a particular passion for bush vine viticulture. By meticulously selecting optimal sites and grape varieties, they cultivate fruit that epitomizes the unique qualities of each vineyard. This labour-intensive approach demands unwavering dedication and patience, as every aspect of the process is carried out by hand. Despite the challenges, the lower yields and exceptional effort invested in bush vine viticulture yield wines that are truly worth the endeavour.

A Winemaking Philosophy that Celebrates Individuality

At Swinney Wines, their winemaking philosophy is straightforward: to reflect and preserve the personality of each individual vineyard site. To achieve this, they employ meticulous practices, including hand harvesting, multiple passes over the vines, and precise fruit and berry selection. The use of gravity flow, which avoids pumping, maximizes the presence of whole berries while minimizing maceration. Furthermore, Swinney Wines utilizes varying percentages of whole bunches and indigenous fermentation in oak vessels to enhance the wines' diverse range of character. Maturation takes place in seasoned 500 and 600-L French oak vessels, adding further depth to the final product.

Award-Winning Excellence

In March 2021, Swinney Wines was honoured with the prestigious title of 'Vineyard of the Year' by Young Gun of Wine. Following a six-month search, which included rigorous rounds of judging and extensive site inspections across Australia, this award serves as a testament to the tireless dedication of Swinney's vineyard and winemaking team. It affirms their commitment to cultivating grapes of the highest quality and producing wines that stand proudly among the world's finest while remaining true to their home in Frankland River.

“Swinney’s Vineyard of the Year award has been earned not just for the small run of exceptional wines the family have produced under their own eponymous label, but for the long list of wines made by an equally long list of eager clients that runs from industry heavyweights including Penfolds and Hardys to cutting-edge small producers such as Brave New Wine and La Violetta.”

-Nick Ryan, The Australian

The distinguished judging panel, comprising Max Allen, Dr. Mary Cole, Dr. Peter Dry AM, Dr. Mardi Longbottom, Dr. Irina Santiago-Brown, and Mark Walpole, was supported by a team of experienced vineyard inspectors: Chris Penfold (SA), Colin Bell (WA), John Whiting (VIC), Kellie Graham (TAS), and Liz Riley (NSW/ACT).

A Legacy Carried Forward

In 1922, George John Alexander Swinney, affectionately known as Farvie, and his family settled at 'Franklands.' Today, the legacy initiated by George lives on through his great-grandchildren, Matt and Janelle. These siblings continue the family's profound connection to the land through their vineyards and wine label.

Farvie Wines: A Reflection of Distinction

Unveiled in March 2020, Farvie Wines epitomize the pinnacle of Swinney family's viticultural achievements. Representing the utmost expression of their finest vineyard sites, these wines aspire to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world's best. With a particular emphasis on Syrah and Grenache, Farvie Wines evoke a breathtaking and singular image of the Swinney family's ancestral home in Frankland River.

The creation of Farvie Wines is driven by a vineyard-focused philosophy that encompasses meticulous site selection and precise grape-growing practices. These practices include dry growing, adherence to organic farming principles, intensive shoot and fruit thinning, and deliberate bunch selection from fruit positioned on the morning side of the canopy or protected by shade cloth.

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Immerse yourself in the extraordinary journey of Swinney Wines. Discover the artistry and dedication that yield wines of exceptional quality. Experience the allure of Frankland River through the distinctive character and elegance found within each bottle. Visit The Reserve Cellar today and explore our exquisite collection of Swinney Wines.

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