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The History and Significance of Frankland Estate Wines

Located on Isolation Ridge, Frankland Estate wines offer a profound journey from vine to barrel, bottle to glass. The collective insight gained from their upbringing in this unique region allows them to challenge convention and provide exceptional wine experiences. The visionary parents, Judi Cullam and the late Barrie Smith, planted the first vines on Isolation Ridge in 1988, setting the foundation for integrity, character, and deep respect for the land.

A Stewardship of the Land

Living on this land comes with great privileges, benefits, and responsibilities. Frankland Estate is committed to preserving the natural haven of Isolation Ridge and ensuring its future prosperity. Their dedication extends to passing on the land in better condition than they found it. By immersing themselves in the vines and attentively tending to their needs, they maintain the natural balance required to yield impeccable fruit, resulting in beautiful wines. Over the past decade, meticulous adjustments in the vineyard and winery practices have made Frankland Estate truly unique and irresistible.

The Legacy of Olmo's Reward

The Smith Cullam family embraced the legacy of Olmo, a renowned figure in the wine industry. Naming their flagship blend after him in the 1990s, they embarked on a mission to celebrate the nuance, allure, and strength of a varietally blended wine, in a market predominantly dominated by single-varietal wines. While the composition of Olmo's Reward has evolved over time, its purpose remains steadfast. This resolute, medium-bodied flagship wine exudes an open-hearted yet restrained character, speaking with quiet authority. It is a true expression of Isolation Ridge, reflecting the beauty, ruggedness, and individuality of its terroir.

The Next Generation's Commitment

The belief in Olmo's Reward continues with Judi and Barrie's children, Hunter and Elizabeth Smith, as well as Elizabeth's husband, Brian Kent, who joined the team in 2010. Together, they have devoted tireless efforts to guide this wine to greatness. Through organic viticulture, reduced production, elevated status for Cabernet Franc, gentle extraction, the use of older and larger oak, shorter maturation, and an unwavering belief in the wine's singularity, Olmo's Reward has ascended to the pinnacle of Australia's single-site red blends.

Experience the Uniqueness of Frankland Estate Wines

Discover the integrity, character, and unparalleled wines of Frankland Estate. Experience the legacy of Olmo's Reward, a wine that captures the essence of Isolation Ridge with its medium-bodied elegance and restrained authority. Explore the beauty, ruggedness, and singularity of this remarkable place through Frankland Estate's exceptional wine offerings.

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