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The History and Significance of Rippon

Rippon, a renowned Australian wine brand, holds a rich history and remarkable significance in the world of winemaking. Nestled in the heart of Central Otago, New Zealand, Rippon's vineyards thrive in two distinct zones with contrasting soil types that profoundly impact the taste and character of their wines. These soils have evolved over time, shaped by different geological processes, resulting in a diverse range of flavours and sensations.

The Unique Climate of Rippon

Rippon benefits from a climate shaped by several local meteorological attributes that set it apart within Central Otago. The Southern Hemisphere's dominant airflow, known as the "roaring forties," sweeps across the South Island in a westerly fashion. As it encounters the Southern Alps, most of its moisture is released on the Western side, creating a vital rain shadow effect in the east.

Located merely fifty kilometres away from the Western Ranges, Rippon experiences a considerably lower annual rainfall of around 600mm, compared to the up to five meters (5000mm) that drenches the mountains. The summers here are hot and dry, characterized by a heat summation range of 700-1250HDD. An extended late-summer to the autumn season, accompanied by a significant diurnal temperature range of up to 25°C, allows the fruit to ripen gradually, enhancing the development of tightly locked-in flavours.

Winters at Rippon are cold but not extreme. While the surrounding mountains receive snowfall up to approximately 500 meters above the vineyard, the vines are only dusted with snow once or twice a year, which quickly melts away the following day.

The Influence of Lake Wanaka and Natural Buffers

Adjacent to Rippon's vineyards lies the serene Lake Wanaka, a significant natural element that exerts a profound influence on the microclimate. The core temperature of the lake remains relatively stable throughout the year, acting as a large hot water bottle on frost-prone mornings. This moderates the temperature variation between the hilltops and the lakefront, potentially averting frost damage.

Furthermore, Rippon benefits from perpetual airflow created by a cascading waterfall on Mount Roy. The descending air flows across the north-facing slope of the vineyard and dissipates over the lake. This constant airflow is believed to be beneficial in minimizing the risk of frost. However, despite the advantages provided by these natural factors, frost remains an ever-present challenge that requires careful management and understanding.

Rippon also enjoys the protection of a small but significant island of hard rock, known as "Roche-Moutonee," which sits in front of the vineyard. Left by ancient glaciers, this rock formation serves as a buffer against the harsh nor-west winds prevalent in the region. These dry winds, having released their moisture on the West Coast, can inflict substantial stress on both the vines and those who care for them. Fortunately, the presence of Ruby Island disrupts and diffuses the wind, allowing it to roll over the vineyard with reduced force, preserving the vines' health.

Experience the Exceptional Wines of Rippon

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