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About Moorooduc Estate:

Founded in 1982 by Richard and Jill McIntyre, Moorooduc Estate is a family-owned winery located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Known for its commitment to quality and sustainable viticulture, the estate has gained a reputation for producing some of the region’s most distinguished wines. With their daughter, Kate McIntyre MW, joining the team as a Master of Wine, Moorooduc Estate continues to uphold its legacy of excellence and innovation in winemaking.

Their Vineyards:

Moorooduc Estate’s vineyards are situated in Moorooduc, McIntyre, and Robinson, each contributing unique characteristics to the wines. These vineyards are managed with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices, including organic farming methods, minimal chemical use, and promoting biodiversity. The diverse soils and cool maritime climate of the Mornington Peninsula create the ideal conditions for producing elegant and expressive wines.

Winemaking Excellence:

At Moorooduc Estate, winemaking is a meticulous and hands-on process. Richard and Kate McIntyre employ traditional techniques complemented by modern innovations to craft wines that truly express their terroir. This includes wild yeast fermentation, minimal intervention, and careful aging in French oak barrels. The result is a range of wines that are complex, balanced, and reflective of the vineyard's unique attributes.

Their Wines:

Moorooduc Estate specializes in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, varietals that thrive in the cool climate of the Mornington Peninsula. The winery also produces a selection of other varietals, including Pinot Gris and Shiraz. Each wine is crafted with precision and care, showcasing the depth and elegance that Moorooduc Estate is renowned for.

Flagship Wines:

  • The Moorooduc Chardonnay: A rich and layered wine with notes of stone fruit, citrus, and a touch of oak, balanced by a vibrant acidity.
  • The Moorooduc Pinot Noir: An elegant and complex wine with flavors of red berries, spices, and earthy undertones, finished with silky tannins.
  • The McIntyre Chardonnay: A single vineyard wine that offers intense minerality, citrus, and white peach flavors, with a long, refined finish.
  • The McIntyre Pinot Noir: A beautifully structured wine with dark fruit, floral notes, and a hint of savory complexity.

Sustainability and Community:

Moorooduc Estate is committed to sustainable winemaking and supporting the local community. The estate employs environmentally friendly practices such as organic vineyard management, water conservation, and solar energy use. Additionally, the McIntyre family actively engages with the local wine community, participating in regional events and initiatives that promote sustainable viticulture and winemaking excellence.

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