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History and Significance of Speri Viticoltori

The Speri Viticoltori brand has a rich history rooted in the cultivation of native vines in the Valpolicella region. With a commitment to quality and tradition, the Speri family has established themselves as a renowned winemaking company, producing exceptional wines exclusively from grapes grown in their own vineyards.

A Heritage of Native Vines

Spanning over 60 hectares of vineyards, strategically located between 120 and 350 meters above sea level, the Speri family owns prime plots of land in the historic Valpolicella Classica area. Here, they exclusively cultivate native vine varieties, including Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara, and other indigenous grapes, which are integral to the identity of their wines.

Vineyard Expression through Crus

Since the 1970s, the Speri family has embraced a meticulous approach to winemaking, vinifying grapes from each individual vineyard separately. This process allows them to highlight the distinct characteristics of each plot, giving rise to their exceptional crus. Notable examples include the Amarone Classico Vigneto Monte Sant'Urbano, Valpolicella Classico Superiore Sant'Urbano, and Recioto Classico La Roggia. These wines derive their names from the vineyards from which they originate, symbolizing pride and connection to the land.

Innovation and Sustainability

Respecting the biodiversity of the terroir and striving for the highest quality, the Speri family has made significant improvements to the traditional Pergola Veronese training system. Through years of observation and experimentation, they introduced the innovative "open inclined pergola" training system. This system, often referred to as "Pergoletta Speri," optimizes the cultivation of vineyards on the hills and enhances the production of Amarone. By inclining the metal arm and creating a central opening, the vines benefit from increased radiation and improved ventilation, resulting in superior grape quality.

Preserving the Landscape and Biodiversity

Steep terraces adorned with dry-stone walls, locally known as "marogne," characterize the Speri vineyards. These walls serve multiple purposes beyond their aesthetic appeal. They enhance hillside cultivation by reducing runoff and stabilizing the soil. Furthermore, these walls play a vital role in preserving historical and ecological values. In colder seasons, the walls act as solar collectors, providing warmth. They also serve as a habitat for various insects, contributing to the ecological balance of the region. Protecting a marogna is not just about preserving the landscape but also safeguarding biodiversity.

Celebrating Valpolicella's Native Grapes

The Speri company's winemaking philosophy centers around the use of native grape varieties, showcasing the true essence of Valpolicella. Alongside the traditional Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes, Speri also incorporates small percentages of historic minor varieties such as Oseleta, Rossanella, Pelara, and Cabrosina. Each grape brings its unique contribution to the final wines. Corvina, known for its tannins and colouring substances, imparts fruity aromas, particularly when grown in the hills. Rondinella adapts well to diverse soil types, withstands drought, and is ideal for drying. Molinara adds a distinct sapidity and freshness to the wines.

Valpolicella's Unique Terroir

Valpolicella, encompassing approximately 8,000 hectares of vineyards, is a remarkable production area. Bounded by the Lessini mountains to the north, the Veronese plain to the south, the Soave area to the east, and the Adige river to the west, the region is divided into three zones. The Valpolicella Classica, where the Speri winery and vineyards are located, holds a special place in this mosaic. Nestled within parallel valleys, extending from the southern edges of the Lessinia plateau, it comprises the municipalities of Marano, Fumane, S. Ambrogio, S. Pietro in Cariano, and Negrar. This area not only offers a mild climate, thanks to the protective mountains and the influence of nearby Lake Garda, but also boasts remarkable artistic, cultural, and oenological heritage.

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