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The Rich History of Aldo Conterno Wines

In the 19th century, the ancestors of Aldo Conterno embarked on a journey to Argentina. However, due to various family circumstances, they returned to Italy after a few years.

Giovanni Conterno, during this pivotal moment, brought his family back to his father Giuseppe's small winemaking farm in Monforte d'Alba. There, he dedicated himself to assisting his father in the production of local wines.

Expansion and Excellence

With Giovanni's involvement, Conterno's wine production expanded significantly. The wines were not only sold in casks throughout Italy but also reached as far as America, thanks to a relative who had stayed behind in Argentina.

In response to the growing market demand, the Conterno family recognized the need to create a superior Barolo wine. They sought to produce it exclusively from the finest vintages, employing a lengthy vinification process to ensure its longevity.

Thus, in the 1920s, the first bottled Barolo reserve was introduced.

The Legacy Continues

As the late 1930s approached, Giovanni passed the reins of the business to his son, Giacomo. Continuing the family tradition with dedication and foresight, Giacomo personally visited clients and utilized the increasing prestige of his Barolo wine to establish his own label in various regions of Italy.

During this time, Giovanni's sons, Giovanni and Aldo, began assisting and shadowing their father in managing the business.

In the 1950s, Aldo embarked on a journey to America, driven by the ambition to establish a vine-growing and winemaking enterprise. With the support of an uncle residing in California, this period in the United States proved to be influential and unforgettable for Aldo. However, he eventually had to return to his family's business in Italy due to several circumstances.

In 1961, Giacomo entrusted the activity to his sons, marking a thriving and prestigious era for the business, acknowledged throughout the country.

Realizing a Dream

Yet, Aldo's five-year experience in the United States had ignited a desire within him to establish a business of his own. Inspired by the dream that had been interrupted in America, Aldo purchased the "FAVOT" estate and founded the "PODERI ALDO CONTERNO" winery in 1969.

A New Generation

Today, the company is led by three of Aldo's sons: Franco, Stefano, and Giacomo. They have faithfully followed in their father's footsteps, carrying on the proud family tradition.

Experience the Legacy of Aldo Conterno Wines

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