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A Legacy of Taste and Singularity

For over two decades, Louis Roederer has dedicated itself to safeguarding the diversity of its plant heritage, nurturing the richness of flavours, expressions, profiles, and sensibilities found within its champagnes. By preserving the genetic variations of its vineyards, Louis Roederer cherishes the unique taste that defines its exceptional creations.

An Ongoing Adaptation Process

With an unwavering commitment to expressing the true essence of its terroirs, Louis Roederer embarked on a journey of sustainable and responsible wine-growing practices in the early 2000s. Recognizing nature's ability to adapt to a changing climate, the Champagne House introduced a pioneering conservation scheme for its plant heritage - the first of its kind in France. By carefully monitoring and selecting the most resilient vines, Louis Roederer continues a centuries-old tradition of adaptation.

A Champion of Sustainable Agronomy

The Louis Roederer Champagne House has long embraced sustainable and responsible agronomic practices. In the late 1990s, a comprehensive review, spearheaded by the Rouzaud family and Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon, redefined the future of viticulture. This transformative process involved regenerating soils by discontinuing chemical inputs and prompted a critical examination of the quality and longevity of plant materials.

Harmonizing with Climate Change

Faced with the urgency of climate change, which demands nature's rapid adaptation, Louis Roederer seeks to understand and collaborate with these environmental shifts. By doing so, they aim to capture the most authentic expressions of their terroirs and craft the finest champagnes imaginable.

Preserving Nature's Harmony

In reverence to the living ecosystem, Louis Roederer extends a gentle hand to nature through the adoption of respectful practices. These include the preservation of vine genetic diversity via massal selection, cultivation of rootstocks on the Louis Roederer Estates, pruning methods that honour sap flow, maintenance of hedgerows and low walls, the introduction of beehives, fruit trees with ancient peach, pear, and apple varieties, vineyard rotation and fallow land, as well as the meticulous preservation of vineyard plots, akin to a precious geological mosaic.

Championing Ancestral Natural Heritage

Aligned with its philosophy, over two decades ago, Louis Roederer launched a pioneering program to protect its plant heritage - the Champagne House's ancestral natural legacy. The uniqueness and diversity of these preserved specimens profoundly influence the identity of Louis Roederer wines, enabling the creation of their unparalleled taste.

Preservation through Massal Selection

Massal selection, a cherished practice employed by Louis Roederer, involves the meticulous selection of vines with diverse genetic potential from a varied population. By carefully grafting these chosen shoots, known as "grafts," onto compatible rootstocks, Louis Roederer ensures the preservation and perpetuation of these remarkable specimens in their fullest diversity.

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